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Default My first couple of AG

My first all grain brew was a porter that came out awesome but then its been downhill

My next AG brew was a Irish Red

8lbs Marris Otter
1lbs vienna
1lbs crystal 60
2oz roasted

1oz wukkomette -60mins
.5oz kent golding-20mins
.5oz kent golding-0mins

I primary for 3 days then secondary for a week and it was still dirty when i kegged it. It came out a mud color after i kegging it was horrible.

My third brew i made a hefeweizen
5lbs belgian barley
5lbs wheat

1oz mt hood-60mins
.5oz mt hood-30mins
.5oz mt hood -10mins

5 days in primary and now just switched it to secondary. Its this yellow orange color that look a banana color which is not clear.

1) What do you guys think I'm doing wrong. I have a SS braid in my kettles so i dont know why its so dirty. should i get a filter that i can connect to two kegs. Does anyone have any advice to make cleaner beer?

2) I do batch sparge and i make sure i end up with 61/2 gallons for my boil but after my boil i only end up with about 4 gallons. Am i just burning off too much?

3) My final gravity usualy comes to 1.018- 1.022. How can i get that down to about 1.01?

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I'm no expert but I see one thing that may be giving you a headache. You need to give it more time. I would suggest a minimum of 1 week in primary and 2 weeks in secondary. Beer does not perform well if it is hurried. Also slow down the boil and/or top up to 7+ gallons in the BK to get the final volume you want.

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time, patience.. I leave most everything in primary for at least 3 weeks. If its done in 1, i can tell you it will better in 3. Ive yet to secondary and from everything im reading will probably only ever do it if im adding fruit or the like.

Also on your hefe, it should be cloudy with 5lbs of wheat.
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Your hefeweisen shouldn't be clear. Hefe yeast is not very flocculant.

Also ditto to the others. Slow the heck down. Hurried beer is crappy beer.
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I do

2-weeks primary
1-2 weeks secondary (depending on how it looks)
2-4 weeks bottle conditioning

It sucks to have to wait but you are wasting your money doing anything less than at least 2 weeks primary.
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Definately let it sit longer in your primary and secondary (if you secondary). Use finings like whirfloc or irish moss in your boil. Use gelatin in your secondary and cold crash.

There are many threads on the forum on how to clarify your beer to crystal clear brilliance.

Step one for you though, like others have said, have patience and let it sit. Those yeasties will generally clean up nicely after themselves.
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1) Are you doing an effective vorlauf? (drain into a container until the wort runs clear then finish draining into your kettle while returning the first bit back to the mash tun)

2) I boil for 90 minutes, either your boil is way too long or way too strong!

3) Do you aerate your wort good before pitching? (aerating wort is vital for a strong ferment) Is your ferment temp within the proper range for the yeast? Of course the FG is also dependant on the OG and mash temp, a high mash temp ~158 will result in a higher FG than say 149.

Just a few thoughts of mine, you don't have to take my word for it of course!

Good luck!
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by definition, hefeweizen should not be clear. i love wheat beers (as evidenced by my signature). 1 of the reasons is they are yeasty, as the flocculation doesn't really happen (yeast floats around, instead of falls). great source of vitamin B+, as well as tasty stuff.

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