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Jun 2010
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I have 3 keggles with 3 piece valves on them..and should be receiving my stand with 2 march pumps shortly. Which quick disconnects would you recommend? I have seen the ones form bargain fittings and also the clover fittings...I am trying to stick with the stainless theme so any advice would be helpful.
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Sep 2009
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I used the 45 degree quick connects from McMaster for a long time. I just recently went with the camlocks, and haven't looked back. Not one handed, but no biggy. And the flow difference is remarkable.

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I went with aluminum ones from proflowdynamics.com. bargainfittings.com wasn't carrying aluminum at the time (and still may not). I did what BobbyM recommended and got some silicon o-rings from oringsandmore.com. All in all i had roughly 8 sets of camlocks and permanent fittings on the plate chiller (4 extra male ends) with new o-rings for less than $50.

If you want to stick with all stainless then there's no doubt that you'll save loads by staying away from the triclovers. Set aside roughly $10 per connection assembly and you're still 1/3 from the price of the tri-clover. I think the o-rings I used to replace the rubber ones (supplied) were $5 for 30 (or something comparable to that).

I don't think you'll be able to justify tri-clovers unless you just want the things based on your personal preference.

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Nov 2009
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Tri-clovers are pricey but have the advantage that they are not male/female specific and can mate any piece of tubing/hardware in any configuration. They're also considered sanitary connections. And they will last forever with only changing the gasket. Their profile is slightly larger than other connectors.

I went with the stainless QDs from MoreBeer. Another pricey option but will also last forever with a little more effort. They can be operated with one hand and are fast but I don't see that as a real need in my set up. They have a small profile and a clean look.

The camlocks also seem to be popular but I don't have any personal experience with them.

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Mar 2010
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Nice link on the proflowdynamics. I have a quick question though: what do you do to those camlocks to connect them to a ball valve? Do you just attach a threaded coupler of the correct diameter?

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i used the camlocks. love them so much. got them all from bargainfittings at a great price.

most people use these on the valve side

and then you put these on the hoses

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Oct 2006
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+1 installed those on my rig last weekend. I love them and austin homebrew supply was (is?) having a crazy good sale on them.
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My vote would be for the More beer SS ones, very easy one handed click and go.
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Dec 2009
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I use the brass McMaster QD's, never had an issue. If I ever go all stainless, I'll go full baller bling status and use tri clovers.
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If you consider how long you plan to use your system the extra cost is negligible.
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