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Oct 2010
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This may be a little late to be asking considering I've already brewed a number of AG batches but I guess its never to late to get things right.

In the past, I have never decanted the wort from the hot/cold break proteins out of sheer ignorance, and I simply poured the wort post-boil into the fermentor to agitate and thus aerate it.

After being somewhat dissatisfied with the resulting brew that had a funny viscosity, I want to make sure I get it right next time.

Will slowly decanting the pot be sufficient to aerate the wort as well as filter the breaks?

Alternatively, if I 'whirlpool' the wort and then siphon it, will this also aerate the wort?

Lastly, if I choose the latter method, would it be prudent to allow the cool wort to fall/splash into the fermentor, or is this overkill?

Thanks in advance for your time

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May 2009
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your best method i think would be to let it whirlpool and cool then after all settling had done you would rack the wort out of the kettle and into the carboy...

You can then introduce oxygen into the beer by any means that you find effective...
Pure O2
Aeration pump
Mix Stir...

All work just fine...

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Nov 2009
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Really the best way to aerate is to use a carbonation/aeration stone with an aquarium pump or O2 tank. Also the proteins shouldn't really affect the viscosity, especially if you use Irish Moss or WHirlfloc so that the proteins precipitate out. THe viscosity probably has more to do with your recipe and maybe your mash temp. Decanting will not aerate the wort enough.

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Aug 2008
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My technique is to use whirlfloc. Make sure the break drops out after the whirlpool stops (you can easily see this happen in a matter of minutes). Then I pick up the pot and dump it into the fermenter. I try to leave as much of it behind as I can. However, I have dumped the whole damn thing on many occasion and have never noticed a difference. Some break material is good for yeast. I also try to KISS.
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i whirlpool and then siphon. never had problems with aeration and i start my whirlpool when its hot.

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Aug 2010
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What you don't want to do is put the pot of hot wort on a lawn chair and attempt to dump it into a bucket by yourself in bare feet.
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Originally Posted by Frank-Likes-Beer View Post
What you don't want to do is put the pot of hot wort on a lawn chair and attempt to dump it into a bucket by yourself in bare feet.
Sounds like a lesson learned from experience.
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Mar 2010
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The PROPER technique is to dump the beer and all the crap into the fermenter and leave it. Proper, because this is how I do it.

I think that anyway you want to do it will work. I found that when I used whirfloc and then siphoned I ended up with way too little wort, so now when I just dump it in there I usually hit my volume.

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