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Apr 2009
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I have been thinking Hurrican Burners....Cheap at under $30 each from Agrisupply but it says it is only rated to 100,000 BTU

According to Northern Brewer it Brings 10 Gallons of Water at 100F to a boil in 45 Minutes..Double that and we are talking an hour and a half for 20 Gallons

Any thoughts on the best burner to heat this much wort?? Do I need to go Jet Tip burners??

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Dec 2007
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I'm no expert when it comes to burners and their capacity, but if I were doing 20 gallon batches I think I'd convert to electric instead. Much more efficient and would probably bring your wort to a boil much faster than a burner. Otherwise you could probably build a heat stick to assist whatever burner you choose to get.

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That burner you are looking at BG-14 is high pressure propane, not Hurricane (low pressure). Pretty sure with the right regulator on propane you will get 200,000 btu's or more.

I'd go electric as well, more efficient - but that "kick a banjo" burner is hot!

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Dec 2008
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I have a couple of the Agrisupply 10" burners. On my first trail run, it took 12gal of water from 64 deg F to 212 deg F in just over an hour (63mins). By the way, my regulator was not fully open (Oh, and my LP tank was nearly empty. It run out of gas a couple of minutes after boil). For my next runs I am planning to open up the regulator more, hope to get faster results.

This a great burner (and extremely cheap!!!). I think the Agrisupply burners are a great bargain at $30.

Hope this helps.


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I'm building a set-up right now that will use a double burner on the BK. The burners are SP10s (Small but hotter than a damn plasma cutter) with a 30psi regulator. I know that one sp10 with a 10psi regulator sounds like a blowtorch so i'm anxious to see how fast the double works. I do know that I could bring about 8 gal of wort to a boil (from mash-out) in about 25 minutes (wide open) so i'm assuming with two burners and high psi output from the regulator i can maintain the time but double the volume. As usual though, theory works in theory. I'll post when I get the thing hooked up and burning.

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