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This was a recipe from Charlies book with an additional 3 cups of rolled oats. I brewed on Jan-5th...had a good rolling fermentation for 4-5 days and racked to secondary on the 12th (7-days). It's now been in the secondary for 7 days with a Gravity of 1.014, down from an intial of 1.054...(ABV 5.3%). Seems to be holding now.

Charlies says I sould be enjoying this brew 3-4 weeks after brewing.

Question: Am I okay leaving this in the secondary for 10 days (64 degrees) or should stout be bottled sooner? This is my first stout in anticipation of St. Patricks day and I want this one smooth and silky...the taste tests are so-far-so-good.

One other sidenote question: I have a Hefe fermenting in my primary. very cloudy and the kruesen (sp) is just starting to fall. Does an unfiltered wheat beer like that need to be racked to a secondary (I'd planned on it)?

Any preferences on priming for bottles (corn sugar VS DME).


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1) you should be fone with the porter in the secondary i normally follow the 123 rule. so let it sit for a couple more day then bottle an enjoy.

2) well dme any corn starch is a big debate. you can find many thread online about the topic. so far all i have use is the CS and have had good carbonation everytime... nock on wood now. DME is said to be more of the old fashiond way of not adding anything unnatural to your beer. its also said to give tigher carbonatoin. also your carbonation times will go from two weeks to a month. i have never gone this route but some swear by it.

3) i have not done a weat beer yet but i would say go ahead and rack it the secondary when ready

good luck, relax and have a home brew


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A secondary isn't necessary with a hefeweizen, sinse cloudiness is part of the style. Just leave it in the primary a few extra days to make sure it's good and done.

With that said, a secondary won't hurt. My hefeweizen that I have on tap did not go into a secondary. I kegged it after being in the primary for at least 10 days. It then took a week to carb up, but taste wise, it wasnlt ready. It still took another week or so before it stopped tasting green. My next hefe will probably go into a secondary.
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Leave the stout in the clearing tank for another week. Darker ales really benefit from bulk aging.
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Ha, I think I found Biermuncher's First post. Anyway, I had a similar question for my first stout. I already bottled mine after 7 days in primary and gravity is at 1.014. I plan to bottle condition for 3-4 weeks. Any issues with this?
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