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Aug 2010
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Im about to get set up to brew All grain, based on what i've read this will give me much more control over the grains and other variables. Will I be able to achieve my desired color with All grain easier than exctract brewing? Also, do you believe the final product is noticably better Allgrain v extract brewing?

My brews so far have all had a similar "hombrewy" flavor that's hard to describe, wierd thing is it's similar in all my batches whicha have been drastically different. I've done a Honey wheat, a Pumking clone, a Xmas ale, and now Valencia wheat.....and somehow they all have a common characteristic i can only describe as a homebrewy flavor...it's really not a great flavor either honestly, one i'd like to eliminate. It's almost a caramilzed flavor that leads me to beleive the extract has been carmalizing with my extract brewing..or it could be i always use white labs yeast....possibly???

Anyone else notice this early in their brewing career?

Thanks for any suggestions/help...

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Mar 2010
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What kind of beers do you usually drink (commercial ones)? It could be a result of having more yeast in an unfiltered beer.

Do you drink out of the bottle, or do you pour off the yeast into a glass?

Yes, it's easier to get the color you want when doing all grain, although you can always add extract later in your boil to achieve a lighter extract beer.

Will all grain make your beer taste better? Not necessarily. Extract is still around because it can make some darn fine beers. All grain lets you put in however much of whatever you want, but that doesn't make it taste better than extract by default.

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Sep 2010
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I think the 'homebrewy' taste your referring to is just you drinking an unpasteurized beer. It's raw, the yeast is still there. If you took your homebrew and filtered it and pasteurized it it would most likly tast commercial.....But That is why i homebrew....i hate the 'commercial' taste.

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Mar 2010
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And usually the difference in taste between a home-brewed ale and a store-bought lager.

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IMO homebrew flavor is from fermentation mistakes. Learn more and it goes away.
Everything is better with a beer.

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Apr 2009
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Originally Posted by Conroe View Post
IMO homebrew flavor is from fermentation mistakes. Learn more and it goes away.
I agree, but wouldn't call it mistakes... rather unfavorable fermentation conditions. although i'm still a newb, i noticed the same taste and thought it was from extract. my fermentation temperatures were way too high so i decided to make a swamp cooler. this was used to keep conditions on the cooler side of the temp range for the yeast i was using. the next batch i made with the same yeast didn't have as much of the "homebrewy" taste as you describe.
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Jul 2010
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My "homebrew flavor" came from fermenting at too high temperatures.

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When doing all grain you have more control over the variables of your beer but I wouldn't say my beers are better than my extract recipes. Just more fun to do. Like the others said, the homebrewy taste could be the unfiltered beer. Could also have something to do with your fermentation process. I personally haven't noticed what I would classify as a specific taste in all of my beers. What I have noticed is that they seem to have more body and overall flavors than their commercial counterparts.

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Aug 2010
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Originally Posted by Wheatmeister View Post
Anyone else notice this early in their brewing career?

Thanks for any suggestions/help...
Perhaps this helps:

I started with non-boil kits, coopers to be more specific, and the batches all had a similar flavor too, which is sort of what you describe, and I called it coopers flavor. A few batches later, I realized I was fermenting it at too high temps and the dry yeast that comes with the kits is not very good. I changed both the temp and yeast, kept doing the kits, and got rid of the coopers flavor, bingo!

Then, I upgraded to boiling extract and my first brew, a pale ale, now in the bottle for 2 weeks tastes way better than the kits, even after I fixed the temp and yeast problem.

Just recently I bought all the stuff for AG in a very lucky deal out of craigslist. According to Palmer (I love his book) you can do great beers with extract and steeping of specialty grains (like the stout I have fermenting right now), but an upgrade to AG is needed to make any possible type of beer. So, AG is not so much about making better beers, but more about having more alternatives at a lower cost of ingredients, although it takes quite some time to pay off the investment in extra equipment for AG…

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Jul 2009
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I have also heard that old LME can cause an odd flavor.

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