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Sep 2009
SIDNEY, ohio
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Mine was deciding that I didn't really like flip tops after buying them I gave away a BUNCH of them to a fellow brewer. Now I wish I had em back.

Originally Posted by Mikethepoolguy View Post
I started brewing 69 days ago, 35 gal so far. SWMBO hasnt complained yet! Better than the hookers, gambling, and crack I used to do, I guess.

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Apr 2010
Indianapolis, IN
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Mine was quitting after only one try, and after not finding out what I did wrong.

Here I am, a decade-plus later, finally learning how much I enjoy brewing.

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Nov 2007
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Mine was saying "Most Dumb" once instead of "dumbest".
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Nov 2009
Fremont, CA
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Well let's see... There was the time I broke a 13 gallon glass carboy and almost cut my finger off. Then there was the time I grabbed the handle of a nearly red hot pot handle and seared my fingers like a steak. Then just last week I walked away from my filling sanitizer bucket to answer the phone and the hose floated out and put about 25 gallons of water on my ktichen floor. Sweet. Live and learn I guess.

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Oct 2009
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buying a 7.5 gallon boil kettle and a 5 gallon mash tun.

way to small.

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Jan 2008
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Buying a magic rig killed my brewing. Now I have all the stuff, and none of the time.

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May 2009
Los Angeles
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Sticking my hand in the mash tun when I dropped a thermometer in there.

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Mar 2010
McKinney, TX
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Mine using a 30 qt boil pot and thinking it was 32 qt. I couldn't figure out why I was "boiling off" so much. One day I decided to make a measuring stick to really get more accurate. So as I'm filling up the pot with water and marking my stick I come up to 30 qts! Dumbass!!!!
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Feb 2010
Baltimore, MD
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Joining this site. . . . now I have no money and no time.

Seriously, It was letting myself get out of control with equipment. No matter how good a deal appears, if you don't NEED the equipment for a specific project and don't have the money for it, don't buy it.
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Jul 2009
San Rafael, California
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Standing in Morebeer's showroom with a 15 gallon welded pot in my hands that was their deal of the day, and saying "Nah, I'll never brew 10 gallon batches!" and then paying $159 for an 8 gallon pot that was used 6 times and is now gathering dust in the garage.

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