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Sep 2010
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So I have yet to get an accurate piece of inforamtion out of this store. Initially I went in there without a clue in the world. But I knew I wanted to brew beer from grains and extracts. Not from pre-boxed kits.

Immediatly the guy begins telling me this is next to impossible to brew beer outside of boxed kits. That brewing is a dying art and to expect to spend upwards of $1000. So far i'm $70 in and only need a mill and a mash tun. I dont see that costing me $930.

Second he gave me a bag of corn sugar when I first got the pre-boxed kit. Doing so he highlights the ammount it recommends and says put the entire package in. This package is easily almost 10 ounces. All I can picture is a giant mess of beer and broken bottles in my spare bedroom had I used it all.

But this just sealed the deal for me. Yesterday I went to get a bottle filler from there. He shows me the bottle filler and says in order to get the suction going to siphon. Put it in your mouth and suck on it. But assured me not to worry the alcohol in the beer will sanitize the siphon.

This just doesn't make sense. Maybe if I were to be the only person drinking it. That's like me spitting in your beer saying dont worry. The alcohol is killing the bacteria as we speak. THink of it as extra head.

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Jun 2009
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Do you always talk to the same guy? And is he the owner? Maybe a quick phone call or email to the owner explaining that you're unhappy with the misinformation and will be shopping elsewhere. Not as a scolding to them, but just a heads up.
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Sep 2009
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Wow...unfortunatly theres guys out there that are just looking for a buck rather than having some good knowledge to pass on...

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May 2010
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you might bring him a copy of Palmer's How to Brew.
call me Mike.

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Originally Posted by cenla View Post
you might bring him a copy of Palmer's How to Brew.
Lol, or more than likely just point it out to him...the book probably rests within arms reach of his register.

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Sep 2010
Kelowna, B.C.
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I've had the same experience with 90% of the LHBS in my area. They all brew with extracts and kits and give you a funny look when you say grain malt...

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Jan 2010
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I feel for you.

I have a great LHBS. So good I stopped buying online.

They have a self service grain station.

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boo boo
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Originally Posted by Fantastical View Post
I've had the same experience with 90% of the LHBS in my area. They all brew with extracts and kits and give you a funny look when you say grain malt...
Well I've been blessed with an understanding LHBS that generally gives
great advise to noobs starting AG.
Most of that advise was told to them by me

All kidding aside, my LHBS will support AG brewers, but also sells a lot of
wort kits where you just add a bit of water to the packaged ingredients.
I do buy things on-line that I can't source locally, but I try to support my LHBS.
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Mar 2010
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I, too, am fortunate to have a great LHBS. They have some kits, but are definitely catering to the AG crowd. I can get just about every grain, hop, or Wyeast imaginable and most base grains are in stock in 55lb bags. Their knowledgeable staff even teaches AG lessons in the store on a Sabco and they give beer samples away while you're shopping. Prices are pretty reasonable and usually cheaper than what's online.

Sorry about your luck, man. I say start looking for another shop.
O'zapft is!

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Jan 2009
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I feel fortunate we're in the internet age where I have access to many wonderful online alternatives. The closest good LHBS is over an hour away in Nashville (Rebel Brewer). I get 90% of my stuff from Brewmaster's Warehouse, hell most of the time their $7 shipping is cheaper than the 9.75% state sales tax I'd pay in town and it delivers in two days.

Our hobby isn't unlike others where people are used to selling what 95% of the population are willing to buy. It's not necessarily due to their budget only but also the learning curve they're interested in going through. I used to be big into saltwater reef aquariums and the local fish shop didn't know a fraction of what I did when it came to the hobby. Not necessarily that they didn't care but just because the clientele didn't demand it..

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