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Jan 2007
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Should you strain your trub before it goes into the primary, or before it goes into the secondary? Is this a personal taste, because ive brewed one where i left the trub in there during primary (there was no secondary) and it turned out alright. If you strain your trub on some beers will it lack flavor or body?

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Dec 2006
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good question, i want to now also.

I just brewed my first beer and did not strain the trub. The beer tastes great, i am almost afraid to strain it next time.

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Jan 2007
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What do you mean by strain the trub? I thought you just threw that stuff out after you bottle or go to secondary.
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It depends a lot on your method...

If you used a kettle with a valve (especially if you use a counterflow chiller), then you probably want to leave as much of the hops trub and break material in the kettle as possible, so that it doesn't gum up your valve and/or chiller.

Otherwise it's ok to just dump it in your primary. The break material is actually good for the yeasties, I believe.

If you rack to secondary and then siphon again into a bottling bucket, you'll have two opportunities to leave all that trub behind.

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I put a nylon net on my bucket to catch all that trub and sparge it...
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Fiery Sword
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Oct 2006
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I strain the wort through a funnel and screen to filter out most hop trub. It also helps with aeration. When racking, I just avoid sucking trub. (teheehee)

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Oct 2005
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The less you transfer from the kettle to the fermenter to the clearing tank to the bottling bucket the better. That doesn't mean you can't make good beer where some of the material gets transferred.

Transferring some of the hot break material can improve yeast growth.
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