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We take drives occasionally, usually to explore areas that we haven't been to. Take a drive up one of the mountain roads and look at houses. Not really a "Sunday" thing, per se, but if we're coming back from Target or whathaveyou and the kids need a nap, we'll find a long way to take home.
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Yes, Sunday drives are nice once in a while... Minus the jazz of course...

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Dear Gawd, no! Sunday drives in my family meant being stuck in a hot car (Dad didn't believe in wasting good gas mileage on trifles like air conditioning) being carsick (couldn't see out because "only old people have 4 door cars" no matter having two little kids) for hours while compelled to listen to REALLY bad country/western music from the 80's. All for the purpose of visiting weird old smelly relatives who try to serve you potted meat on saltines and who obviously wondered why the hell you came along and ruined their quiet Sunday afternoon at home. It was the Bataan Death march on 4 wheels.

Jill Mc

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When I was a teenager I'd do the Sunday drive thing. Fill up the car ('86 Celica GT) with gas, hit the road randomly heading somewhere and turn around when the tank's half empty. It was awesome!

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Originally Posted by scrambledegg81 View Post
Definitely a lost tradition amongst many people today. By yourself, or with the fam in tow, nothing really pulls the plug on stress & worry like piling into the car, cranking up some good jazz, and just driving for a few hours.

Work got so screwed up and crazy yesterday I ended up taking a Sunday drive on Tuesday.

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