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I know, I thought it was really cool too. The ones we had so far were really good. Not mouth-orgasm good, but we're talking about beans here. They're never going to taste like ribs or something...

Now here's a little something that you might not like. My DJ's name is Mix Master Mike.

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My friend's family were always poor but always had some of the best food. That welfare cheese was great!

His parents would cook up beans in a large kettle (they had a bunch of kids) and there would be beans for dinner, beans for breakfast (great with eggs!) and beans with lunch. I never got tired of them.

His dad was from Tennessee or Kentucky, I can't remember which. Whichever it was, he liked the moonshine from the other state better.

I'm still working on figuring out how to make beans the way they did. Their juice was very dark, so I wonder if they put a bunch of black beans in there too.

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Soup Beans? Pretty common. Wife loves it I'll eat it. Actually just learned of a story last night of why I may not prefer them. Apparently when I was real little I sat on my great grandpa's lap and he fed them to me and I ate and ate and ate. Then later that night was in horrible gaseous pain. Could be why I tend to dislike them until I actually eat them.
We have a local Apple Festival in the fall around here at the local Apple Orchard and they always have a HUGE open fire pot of these going with corn bread.
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