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Oct 2010
Long Island, NY
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Hey all! I just got my brewing and ingredient kit and I'm ready to go. I have a few questions:

I'm worried about the viability of my White Labs liquid yeast. I had it shipped in an icepack, but the shipping took a few extra days and the vials arrived room temperature and cloudy. I read that c02 bubbles will form after I let it warm up. My ingredient kit (it's a Belgian Wit) also came with dry yeast. If the c02 bubbles don't form when shaking the liquid yeast, Can I use both the dry yeast and the liquid yeast as an extra precaution, or will this be a yeast overdose?

Everything else seems pretty straight forward. I'm about to pop in the DVD which came with my kit, from MidWest Supplies. I read in my How to Brew by Palmer that brewing is 80% sanitation, so I am going to make sure I get everything good with my NoRinse sanitizer.

Another question I have it about fermenting my Red Lager. Can I put the fermenter and carboy outside at the end of October when the temperate will be cold instead of using a refrigerator? I don't have access to a secondary refrigerator.

Thanks for any replies in advance! Any newb tips or pointers are greatly appreciated.

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Nov 2009
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Yeast is harder to kill than that.

Outside lagering? Why not. It will work fine, but temp fluctuations are never good.

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May 2009
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Well, I've been drinkin' a bit tonight, so I'm not going to attempt to answer all your questions. But I will say that trying to ferment a lager outdoors is not a good idea, you want to ferment it at a stable temp. The outside temp will swing too much on a day-to-day basis (too warm in the day, too cool at night).

EDIT: well, like cheezydemon said, you could try it...

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Welcome to the forum.
Your yeast should be fine, but you should make a starter if you're using liquid yeast.
I personally wouldn't like to brew outside, as there is about a 12F difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, and the temperatures can be very unpredictable. (Temperature variations can create havoc with fermentation.)
If you do decide to brew outside, make sure you cover the brew to shield it from the light (unless you like skunk flavored beer).

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Dec 2009
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Like ajf said, if you make a starter not only will you be able to pitch a proper amount of yeast, but you'll also know for sure whether or not the yeast is viable.

Here's a thread to help you with that:

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Old 10-01-2010, 02:26 AM   #6
Oct 2010
Long Island, NY
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Thanks for the replies fellas. The yeast starter looks like a good idea. To my knowledge my brew kit did not come with any DME (dry malt extract?)... only liquid malt and specialty grains. For the yeast starter, can I use half a cup of my liquid stuff?

What's the deal with dry yeast? Do you just throw it into your wort after it cools?

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Aug 2010
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Buy some dme... Dry malt extract... And mark a starter. 2 litters of water per pound of dme is close enough to right for a 1.040 starter. Shake the stater every time you think about it to aerate.

Not sure why the kit had dry and liquid yeast... I guess the LHBS sold you extra yeast. If you use a starter you do not need dried yeast.

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Old 10-01-2010, 04:04 AM   #8
Jun 2010
Windsor, CO
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When I order from Midwest sometimes they'll send the dry yeast also even when you choose the liquid option. I assume they forget to pull the dry one from the kit when you upgrade.

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Sep 2010
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That sounds a bit high.
I think 3 oz dme per qt water.
1 qt water to 3 oz dme with a vial of liquid yeast should give you about the right amount.

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Old 10-01-2010, 04:41 AM   #10
Oct 2010
Long Island, NY
Posts: 26

Hmmm, seems like the starter is out of the question for me because my kit did not come with DME, only LME.

I think I'm going to try using both the dry yeast and the liquid yeast to ensure enough yeast. I wonder how it is going to taste. :P Anyone ever try that before?

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