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Oct 2009
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I am eventually planning on building a Brutus 10 type brew-stand, but not anytime soon. I snooped around CL and found a Lincoln ac-225-s arc welder for $80. It's old and well loved, but it works. But, I have several dilemmas..

As I currently live in an apartment I do not have a 230v outlet, which this requires (not that I can weld inside, or even in my parking lot anyway). I might be able to bring it somewhere, although at this point I am not sure where, so I will probably be holding on to it until I figure that out.

I am not sure if this will work for my purposes (I did search). Arc/TIG welding does for sure, just not sure about the power of this unit (225 amps).

Is it a good idea to buy an old welder, in general? Assuming the external leads look okay, I will not however know if everything is working on the inside, until it kills me.

I want to eventually start welding stuff (as a hobby), and really am wondering if this is a good investment. I am really just looking for some advice. Thoughts?

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Aug 2010
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Based on the inconvenience of it all, I would put your money towards a pre-built brew stand. I've seen steel stands (one tier) as low as $450 on this forumn and $650 for SS.

By the time you purchase the welder and the other necessary items (helmet, gloves, etc.), learn to weld properly, move the welder to a place where you can actually use it and don't forget you have to move all the materials you need to weld and then bring it all home again; I just don't think it would be worth it.

I weld and have a MIG welder and I'm still considering purchasing a pre-built stand. I would like a SS one and welding SS is a whole new animal vs. steel (which I'm good at)+ I would have to install a 230v plug in my garage and those aren't free.
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Mar 2010
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A welder is a good investment, even if it's used. However, I recommend buying a HH140. It runs on 110VAC. You can buy it on eBay for $460-480 with free shipping. It's what I bought for my brewstand, and it works like a hot glue gun. Welding is fun, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

MIG is all you'll need for building you brutus. It's the easiest to learn and use. I did all the research for you. Trust me: Hobart Handler 140 is all you'll ever need. Cheers!
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Apr 2009
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We had a Lincoln AC-225-s arc welder on the farm. It was 12 yrs old when we sold the farm, it was still welding great.

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Jun 2010
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. I second the Hobar handler 140. I have it's larger cousin the 180 (now the 185) and it's been a great machine. Those tombstone welders are great but not for a beginner with thinner stuff that you are likely to build a brewstand out of. Especially if you don't have a place to practice very much.

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Mar 2009
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Last year I got a estimate for a 15ft iron gate. The guy wanted 1800.00 for everything. I decided to buy a Hobart 185 for 700.00 and the 50.00 auto darking helmet from Northern Tool (free shipping also). I built the gate for 150.00 in supplies. Now I have a welder that will last me a life time. I have lost track of all the things I have built and fixed with the welder since then. It has opened up a whole new world. I'm now making the plans to build a steal framed patio cover.

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Dec 2008
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I am no welding expert (actually I have never done any welding before) but I just built my version of the Brutus 10 stand using a cheap MIG welder from Northern Tool.

I just checked the price, $179.99 with free shipping!!!

It works great on 2"x2"x1/8" steel tube.

Hope this helps.


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Sep 2010
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Stainless steel is easyer to weld than regular steel. But it would be handy to have a dc welder. Then you can up grade to a heliarc real easy. Then you can do all of the welding on your kettles etc. I used to work in a cannery and i would rather weld stainless over black iron any day. You can do it with a ac welder and some rod that would run on ac but it is a lot easyer on dc. I have don it over 30 years. $80 is a good price for a welder even if it is old that dosent make them run bad. If you want to get into welding this is a good place to start. I learnt to weld when i was 9 yrs old. My dad was a machinest and he brought home 2 pices of steel tacked them to the bench showed me how to strick an arc and then told me to start welding. O buy the way they were tacked at 90 deg laying down. He said when i run the first pass chip it out and run another pass. When i get to the top i will know how to weld. Heck i didnt even get half way and i had it down pat and have been welding ever sence. Hope this helps.

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Dec 2008
flushing michigan
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Go take an adult welding class you can weld your rig up there and have someone teach you to weld also, most classes cover mig, tig and stick.
I have all three types of welders and gas welding stuff also but I mostly use the tig neat, clean no sparks and spatter but tig welding is the most difficult.
Take a class and then you can figure out what type of machine you want.


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