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I think he kind of looks like The Penguin from Batman. They both have those little, flipper-like arms and an evil squint in their eyes.
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We had people like this on our campus all the time. The strange this was, pretty much everything was a reason for going to hell. I remember that being:
- Liberal
- Listening to Rock and Roll
- Being Mexican
- Mouthy women

Were all on his giant sign of "reasons you're going to hell". My girlfriend got a chuckle out of 'mouthy women'.

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I remember him at FSU back around 1985... I remember a woman who was also preaching with him. It got pretty humorous at times...

Sister Cindy!
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If this hypocrite sat down and actually read the bible instead of pointing fingers at other people, he'd learn that Jesus drank, went to parties, and hung out with sinners. He led by example. The ones he DID get in their face was the church leaders who were telling the populace they were going to hell unless they dress this way and only ate that and don't drink beer and wine. It amazes me the amount of people who claim to be christian (Greek for "Christ like") but don't act LIKE Christ at all.

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Originally Posted by Homebrewtastic View Post
I think a more pertinent question is where is AB and Miller Coors getting all of their horse urine?
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Oh god..

I was trying to google image Sister Cindy, because iirc she was kinda cute, and this picture came up instead.

Think he took a hug????

Back in the day...

Cindy didn't age as well as her husband.

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Yeah JUDGE NOT doucher.

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