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Jul 2010
Boston, MA
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Hi there,

First post, first brew, and I seem to have stumbled upon some wild hops. I happened to be visiting relatives today. They live in a house built in 1794. Apparently old house like that always have hops somewhere on the property. Anyways we found theirs. I was not sure what to do with them so i just cut a few hop filled sections of the vine and brought them home.

My only concern is that the cones are kind of dried and brown (some are still green). I can see the lupulin on most of them. Do you guys think they are usable? If so what is the best way to store them for a week or two?


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It depends on how brown they are. If they're just slightly brown, I'd go ahead and try them out, but anything more than a little brown, and I'd probably throw them out.

You can store them by putting them in an airtight container in the freezer.
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Dec 2008
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They are usable but the problem is that you have no way of knowing what kind of hops they are or what their alpha acid level is. You could have them analyzed which would be very expensive or just do a trial and error thing which may result in some batches of beer that are over or under hopped. Rhizomes are cheap. Unless you are very adventurous you might be better off buying and planting a known variety than risk using your unknown wild hops.


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Mar 2010
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if you get a lot and/or the plant regrows hops naturally have fun wit trial and error...just be sure theyre hops and not sumtin else:P

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Jul 2010
Queensbury, NY
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I think it would be fun to make a brown ale with perhaps 1.5 oz in a 5 gallon batch to give you a wide, but drinkable range of 12-50 IBU depending on the AA content, then take some wort and make a flavoring addition and/or dry hop to see what kind of aroma qualities they have.

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I made a 2.5-gallon batch of Pale Ale using some wild hops on our property here in NH. The original farmhouse, from the 1700's, is on the neighbor's property at the end of our driveway. Harvested about 3 oz. dried.

.50 oz. 60 minutes
.25 oz. 30 minutes
.13 oz. 15 minutes
.13 oz. 5 minutes

May be tasty, may be crap. Only 5.25 pounds of grain invested.

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I would use a known variety store bought for bittering a simple pale ale, then use the home grown ones for 20 minute, 5 minute, flameout addition and dry hop. That will give you a nice idea of their flavor and aroma. And use a clean yeast such as Notty so you don't get any interference from the yeast character.
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Aug 2008
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why not make a tea out of it using a french press or strainer?



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Pick, dry, brew.
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Originally Posted by extra_medium View Post
why not make a tea out of it using a french press or strainer?
Why not just do this first? You can make a tea to figure out what sort of flavors you'll get. If they suck all you wasted was a little water and the time it took to heat it up.
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