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Aug 2010
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Hello, all, I am a first time wine brewer that has been "lurking" reading and getting hints. We just bottled our first batch of red wine from a kit!

Should we be worried that some corks sunk into the neck of the bottle slightly ? Some corks are about flush? Some corks are sticking out higher from the neck of the bottle?

Does this mean the ones where a 1/3 inch of cork is "out" the neck of the bottle will blow off someday and make a mess? Or is that normal?

We could always drink those bottles first! We're having trouble waiting, anyway . . .



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Mar 2010
milford, ma
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probably not a huge concern. what did u use for a corker?
personally, if they were sticking out 1/3 inch i would record them.
if they were 1/8 or less i wouldnt.

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Sep 2010
boring oregon
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I don't really know what the answer is, but I just bottled last weekend and MOST of my corks are sticking out about 1/3 inch, a bunch are sunk about 1/4 inch and very few are what I would call "perfect".

I don't know what to do about it, or if I even WANT to do anything about it. :-)

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Welcome to HBT!
It takes a bit of practice to get your method down just right. For the corks sitting out a bit, try pushing them flush with your corker. If they go a little deep (1/8" or so), no big deal.

If you wine is finished, no reason to think that the cork sticking out will blow. You might want to drink those first just because the cork isn't in quite as much as the others.
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Aug 2010
Juneau, AK
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If you are going to make wine with some frequency, I will make a recommendation: Italian Wine Corker!

My corks are not exactly where they need to be on each and every bottle. And, it is a speedy process. A bit of an expense, but well worth it.

Note: Italian, not Portuguese. There is a difference.

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Old 09-30-2010, 02:33 PM   #6
Jan 2010
Sevierville Tn.
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Hi Kimberly
Floor corker is the way to go as the budget allows for it. Try to get corks recessed just a little. If you're using short corks, then they are beveled on the ends, then protruding from the bottle, you're not getting the longest lasting seal. Good luck!!

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Old 10-01-2010, 04:26 PM   #7
Oct 2009
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I hate this. I have this problem each and every time I bottle anything. I need them to be perfect and this infuriates me. I had some sticking out 1/2" before. What happens with this hand corker that I've got is the grabbing arms that hold the neck, slide up the neck instead of applying back pressure to the plunger resulting in whats being described. I then put a neodymium magnet the same diameter of the plunger on the end of it and it helps a bit, but sometimes I'll get one that does grab right and I press it inside the neck 1/2". I need a better corker, and so does everyone else who's having this problem.
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Apr 2010
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Many homebrew supply stores will rent out floor corkers. It's worth a shot if you are worried.

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Mar 2010
Fort Dodge, Iowa
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agreed! I've got the double lever corker and had the same results, some stuck down in the bottle some sticking a hair out. we're just drinking the ones that stick out a bit first. it's too bad the "good" corkers are an arm and leg.

simple answer, you should be fine with the cork alittle high or low.
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