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Originally Posted by Jknapp View Post
What about building a 1500w or 2000w heatstick and brewing in your kitchen on the stove? Most codes specify that the garbage disposal outlet be a dedicated 20A circuit. You may have a 2nd circuit in your bathroom (run an extension cord).. I can easily boil 7.5 gallons with 2 x 2kw heatsticks - no stove or propane required.
I actually have made a 1500 W heat stick, but it broke/has a leak that I noticed last brew day. I'm not looking to build another at this point, and the convenience of being able to be a bit messier outside appeals to me.

Plus, SWMBO gets headaches from brewing smells, which equals not as much brewing as I would like.

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Assuming you have an immersion chiller, the tap will give you way more pressure than you need for the chiller. You only want the flow to be fast enough to stay hot, any more and you are wasting water.
Hose from the tap for the cold water and the hot water can drain from another hose into the tub or in a bucket for later clean up??

Just an idea!

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Originally Posted by devilishprune View Post
I can't come to a decision on this for myself, so I thought that I would ask the hive mind.

The situation is this: I have been brewing on the stove top indoors, but I have recently decided to make the jump to outside brewing with propane. However, I have a bit of a dilemma in deciding where exactly to locate myself while I partake of the malted arts. I live in a third story apartment, with no garage (which would have been my first choice), so basically I have 3 options. The water spigot is located out back, which I figure is important to brew day.

1. Behind my apartment building, on a grassy area
Pros: Close to the water spigot, plenty of ventilation
Cons: Possibly unstable surface, have to carry large volumes of water/equipment down 3 flights of steps

2.In front of my apartment building, in the parking lot
Pros: Stable surface to work on, plenty of ventilation
Cons: Carrying things up and down steps, farther from water spigot, in between two foul smelling dumpsters, possibility to get hit by cars (maybe?)

3. Brewing on the 3rd floor, outside my apartment (basically on my floor there is a breezeway. It has a roof and floor, but is open on 2 sides where the wind can blow through).
Pros: Close to my apartment (no lugging things around), stable surface
Cons: Medium distance from spigot, ventilation/safety issues?

Anyone have any advice for me here? I feel like I'm stuck.
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Originally Posted by devilishprune View Post
Pros: plenty of ventilation
this isn't a true pro to me. Ventilation can deviate or turn off the propane flame and can bring something unexpeted and not sanitized (like a leaf or something else) while you are chilling the batch... That sort of thing could give me a heart attack

Anyway, like somebody else said, +1 to be close to the water.

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