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Jim Karr
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Default Do you drink all your disasters?

OK....this question will separate the real beer lovers from the amateurs.

When you brew a batch, and it turns out like something from your armpit, do you still drink it?

I still can't justify all that work, all that expense, and all that experience....and then just toss the batch out!

What's your angle?

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beer -just brew it
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been lucky so far no pit beers yet
had the first few attempts not perfect but still drinkable

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Ale's What Cures You!
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I had one batch that I couldn't drink. I tried and tried, but it was pretty bad. I tried it ice cold, I tried it warmer. I tried it in a frosted mug. No dice- it was awful! I used it in cooking, but that made my food bad! I put it away because I didn't have the heart to dump it. A couple of months later, one of my friends asked me if there was any of that "brown ale" stuff left. I said that there was about 2 cases! They asked if they could have some- and drank up the 2 cases in about 2 months. And brought back all my bottles clean and ready to be refilled!

The problem now? That beer was so bad, I don't want to waste my "good stuff" on them now. If they could drink that, they obviously have no taste buds or sense of smell whatsoever.

Whenever they drink my homebrew now and pronounce it good, I still have to ask someone alot more discriminating! But thank goodness, they drank 5 gallons of swill that I couldn't throw out because it would have broken my heart.

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My first IPA (the IPA II kit from Morebeer) was bad. I drank about half the batch and then it sat there for about 5 more months. I was about to move and I had to bottle a batch before I moved but I was short on bottles. I decided then that I wasn't enjoying this IPA so why keep it? I certainly wasn't going to let anyone else drink it so it had to be put down.......the drain.
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10th-Level Beer Nerd
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My second batch, a raspberry-maple ale, has been sitting undrunk in the basement for months. At some point, I'll dump it. Fermented too high, plus some other issues. I have another batch I dislike, but that SWMBO likes, so it's still around. If it were me, it'd be dumped, too.
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You're not my type
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When it's real bad, it's dumped. I've had 1 batch that something got into that made it not quite right but still drinkable and I just tapped that one out yesterday (yes!). My dump history so far:

2005 Anchor Steam Clone - Had it on tap - just some wierd sh!t going on; bye.

2006 Summer Porter #1 - Racking to secondary is all I knew it was dump time.

2006 Summer Porter #2 - Same deal . Attribute it to crap grain from the HBS.

2006 Apricot Wheat - Tastes of soap, wife doesn't like and it's hers. Dumped yesterday.

That's not a good trend. 60 batches means I had a 93% success rate
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I made a dark ale for my second batch and to this day I don't know what went wrong with it. That beer sat in bottles for years before I dumped it out. It was absolutely undrinkable
Other than that, all my batches of beer have been consumed.
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For the love of beer!
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I have a disposal unit for bad ale that we will not talk about on a public forum. I've not had a batch needing using in this way yet though. So I've had to brew stuff specifically for it. Tastse like BMC when it's done.
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Default Fruit Beer

Depends on how bad....

I made a honey-blueberry beer, its not on the remake list. It was drinkable, some people were either polite and said it was good. To me it was too fruity with a beer taste. I pre-empted their opinion saying I didn't like it and told them not to drink it if didn't want to do so. I would say half drank it the others dumped it down the drain. I drank it mainly to empty the bottles. At 9+ months it tasted better.

I currently have a carmel apple cider that's 50% wheat malt... The jury is still out on that. I tasted it and it has a subtle taste of carmel apple. The beer/apple flavor reminds me of what you taste if you belch apple cider!!! Yuck!! I'm letting it sit, its still kind of cloudy, and I don't need the bottles.

I haven't tasted a fruit beer that I like. It might have to be a raspberry porter of some sort. I definately like cider though.

My very first beer was also borderline. One day I'd like it lot another day I try to determine what the odd taste was caused by. I drank it all
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I dumped one. I was just awful. I tried to drink it, let it sit, drink it again - wasn't getting better. I figure life is too short to drink bad beer - even if I made it.

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