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I DID read the FAQ, the Acronyms wiki, and well, allot of threads.

Still, Are there SOMEPLACE where all the acronyms can be found in one friendly place, because some of them, I still cant find.

And this here excellent forum has more acronyms then a school kid.

yours newbie.

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Try finding out what EAC means..... it is impossible nearly.... I only found out what it meant by mistake (I think in the qoutable quotes thread)

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Yes, but you need swmbo to do it...

Searching Would Maybe Be Obligatory.
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Really? Another one already???
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(as far as I'm concerned, acronyms suck!) at least he ones that I have to look up.
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You mean SWMBO ? Stacked Whales Must Be Oil?

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BTW : where in SA you from ?

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WTF is SA?

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