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Then, give the metal connector and cord a nice wrapping with electrical tape so you don't get shocked. Also insulate the metal strip on the other side with electric tape.

Top is homemade, bottom is commercial:

That's it. You're Done!
Plug it into your temp controller and you're good to go!

Total Cost Each:
2 feet of 11" Flexwatt $7.20
2 Metal Connectors $1.00
6 foot Extension Cord $1.00
Total $9.20!

The commercial example uses electrical tape on the end opposite of the metal connectors, but opt for clear plastic insulators over the metal connectors as pictured above. The retailer I purchased from will sell you a kit of 2 metal connectors plus the clear plastic insulators that snap in place for $2.50 (supposedly if you fill it with silicone you can make these waterproof). Otherwise the metal connectors alone are 50 cents each. They also have pre-stripped extension cords for $2.25 if you'd prefer to go that route.

Alternatively, you can also bypass the metal connectors by scraping off a little plastic on the Flexwatt's metal strip and soldering the extension cord directly to the metal, then insulating with electrical tape (follow the brewing network link to a website for more info). So at most these could cost you $11.95/each, at the very least around $8.20, not including solder/electrical tape/shipping. Sure beats paying $30-40 each!

I bought all the parts from The Bean Farm as they ship USPS and being from Alaska I didn't want to spend overly inflated $30 which is what UPS charges us. If you're not in AK/HI you might find a cheaper retailer. They were fast though! Ordered on a Sunday night, Shipped on Monday Morning, arrived Wednesday.

And now... I share a tip I haven't seen before. I REALLY HATE taping things to carboys. Go to your local office supply store and get a pack of really big rubber bands. They'll hold em to the carboy nice and tight and you don't have to deal with any tape falling off. These are 7" (107's) and a little hard to get on the 6.5 gallon carboy but work. Longer would be better easier though.

2 for 1? More like 3-5 for 1

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Sep 2010
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what are you using for a temp controller?

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I have both Ranco's and Johnson A419's depending where it's fermenting (chest freezer or garage floor).

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Nice job! Thanks a lot for posting the info.
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Hey just wanted to bump this and say thanks so much for the very informative instructions, this is gonna be great to have in the winter.


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Where do you put the temp probe?
Also, you could use a carboy hauler to secure this as well, right?

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Jan 2010
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I use my carboy hauler to secure it, as well as the temp probe. I fold up a rag, then put the probe touching the carboy, then the rag over the probe (so its not open to air), then snap the buckle of the hauler over it.

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hey thanks for the link. I've been needing to get some. my basement is nive right about this year for lagers but i'm going to want to do some more ales this winter so im going to need more. Also another heads up, i was looking around that site and they have ranco non-wired for pretty cheep also.

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FYI: looks like you can purchase the power cord, metal connectors and plastic insulators for $5.00. http://www.reptilebasics.com/wire-cl...lator-set.html

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+1 for reptile basics, another hobby of mine is snake breeding/keeping and I have many things from Rich and he is a great guy to order from. His shipping is super fast and will take care of you.


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