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So yesterday I harvested my first year plants. I didn't get a lot, since they were first years, but ended up with about 7 oz. off the bines. These were all from 2 Cascades. My 2 Goldings didn't give anything worth harvesting, but they grew, so that's a plus.

After the harvest I let the bines sag to the ground, figuring nature will take its course and return them to the soil. However, do I need to cut them off at the base, or will they wither while still connected to the rhizome below the soil?

Just looking for some of that HBT expert advice, so that they're ready to head into Winter.
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I harvested a couple weeks ago. I cut all the bines just above the ground. I am still getting secondary grow so I'm still watering. I'm trying to get as much root growth as possible. I'll water until the plants go dormant on there own. Then cut everything back to ground level.
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Old 09-19-2010, 12:20 AM   #3
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I harvested last weekend and put my trellis back up with the bines still attached so they can continue setting roots for next year. I'll cut them back after the first frost.
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Jan 2010
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You want to get that crown as strong as possible so all of the above is good advice. I also think this a great time to supplement your soil and top it off with compost or mulch.

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Let them keep soaking up the suns rays until the frost kills them. Then you can cut them down.

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I might wait on soil ammendment until just before/after frost. In general, I try not to spur plants back into growth when I want them to concentrate their energy for dormancy. Others may have success with different ideas.
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Jan 2009
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If they are green, they are making food. Let them grow, then cut the bines back in the winter or early spring. They aren't going to prevent the bines from growing next year.


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Old 09-25-2010, 11:56 AM   #8
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My wife is asking when She can have the bines for wreath making - I keep telling her they are still green - once we get a good frost. Don't worry you'll have them by Christmas. Along with the Holly I keep telling myself I need to trim......

I agree that you shouldn't cut until frost kill. That can encourage the plant to put on new growth and new growth = energy that ISN'T going to the roots where it needs to be this time of year.

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