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Getting ready to brew a Holiday Ale & I'm wondering if I need to add the spices at at different time?

Receipe calls for the spices to be added at 3min - should I still follow this?



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Jun 2010
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Sounds like a good place to start. Generally Id say if you are dosing wort, do it at flameout.

Ive had a lot of luck making spice 'potions' (add spices to vodka for a few days minimum, strain and store) and then dose at bottling. This way you dont have fermentation scrubbing out the delicate aromas.

By dosing a small amount of finished beer, it is easy to scale up to the proper amount of potion to add to 5 gals. For example, add 1ml of potion to 2 ozs of beer, stir and taste. Too much flavor? Repeat with 0.5 mls to 4ozs. Too little? 2mls:2ozs. Volumes are subject to change.

Once you find the right ratio, its simple math from there.

And there is no reason why you cant layer the spice additions by doing them during boil/flameout/2ndry/bottling as long as you are tasting along the way.

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As above, I know that no-chill leads to a much higher hop utilisation rate, there's a good possibilty allowing spices to sit overnight or longer will lead to over spicing. I'd have thought a tincture would be the way to go with no-chill, unless you add the spices in a small piece of muslin like a "bouquet garni", then remove it before you start your no-chill phase.

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maybe you can add the spices sanitized and then try to "dry-spice"
like dry hop for a couple of days...
i used to do no chill and that is the way i treated the late hop additions... transformed them to dry hop... well some of them...

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I'd put them in at flameout before transferring to the No Chill vessel. I wouldn't worry about over spicing I guess, as long as its a spice bill that you know from experience or from recommendation is OK. The fermentation will blow out a lot of the spice flavor and aroma.

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I brewed a pumpkin ale no chill last night. I no chill in cornys. I put my spices which were supposed to be a 10 minute addition into the no chill keg before I filled it up with hot wort.

I will let you know my results in a few weeks!

(assuming I get a chance to make a starter and pitch sometime soon)

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Originally Posted by rtt121 View Post
\I put my spices which were supposed to be a 10 minute addition into the no chill keg before I filled it up with hot wort.
I've done this for a winter ale and it turned out great. The spice was just right. Anyone First Wort Spice just like with hops?
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