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1. what is your favorite yeast for the job? i have used whitelabs saison1 and had good results but not great. i ended up with a fg of 1.010. i wanted to reach about 1.5 -2 plato. would the whitelabs saison2 yeast be a better choice you think? how about their mixed culture?

2. concerning the yeast, should i pitch more yeast a few days into fermentation? something clean and highly attenuating like WL001cali? when is the best time to pitch a second yeast.

3. should i start fermentation in the high 60's and ramp it up to the mid 80's, or start high in the mid to high 70's and ramp it up from their? will starting high give me hot alcohols?

4. what about sugar additions to dry it out. are there any recommended sugars i should use? how much should i use?

5. to get the cork flavor that is associated with corked bottles could i drop a few sanitized corks into the carboy to help acheive this flavor or would it not have enough time to impart a flavor? (all of these beers will be capped, none corked) this is an idea i was pondering on the other day, not sure if anyone has tried it yet. i was thinking about dropping about 30 corks in. submerged in a bag.

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1. I just made one with Saison 1 and I couldn't get it lower than 1.016 even after pitching champagne yeast. 1.016 is obviously way to sweet. I've read that the Saison 2 is supposed to be better.
2./3. It should stay in the mid 80's the whole time. Pitch more yeast such as american ale or a dry champagne yeast. Mash low.
4. Jamil recommends using up to 20% cane sugar
5. The corked flavor is not something you want in wine or beer

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I used Wyeast Belgian Saison 3724 and it attenuated like a champ. One thing I did to get the final gravity down is I kept the corn sugar out of my boil and instead let the beer ferment for 4-5 days until it started to wind down then I added 1lb of corn sugar to the fermenter (boiled about 3 cups of water, dissolved sugar to sanitize). This allowed the yeast to chew through the more complex sugars first and then turn to the simple corn sugar to dry the beer out. I've read the yeast can't produce the enzymes needed to chew through the complex sugar after they have chewed on the simple sugars first.
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