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Old 06-15-2011, 03:51 AM   #781
Apr 2010
Houston, TX
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Worst micro: Abita Purple Haze. The tasting experience was as follows: "ooh, blueberry! ...wait a second. gah! bud light!"

Worst macro: the beast ties with natty light, for obvious reasons

Worst somewhere in between: Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. If I wanted fruity pebbles, I'd buy Fruity Pebbles!
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Jan 2011
Glendora, CA
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Originally Posted by joeirvine View Post
Steel Reserve.
I have to agree. It's undrinkable whiz passing as beer sold at Fresh and Easy Market in SoCal.
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Jul 2010
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Originally Posted by GoldMiner View Post
Steel Reserve or Milwaukee's Best ICE
We used to call it The Yeti. I agree. It was/is awful.
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Dec 2010
garland, tx
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This doesn't exactly fit in this topic, but I had some Rahr & sons blonde lager a while ago and it was pretty bad, smalled awful. I had one left in my fridge that sat for only about 6 weeks and I popped it open tonight cause I wanted something to drink out on the patio on a nice night. It was very good! Maybe it was all in my head the first time, but the sulfury smell seemed to be gone and the bready maltyness was really good!

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May 2010
Mililani, Hawaii
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The Beast is definitely the worst macro beer. I remember having a beer at a festival last year that literally tasted like vomit and rotting cheese, i spit it out and had to get a new tasting glass because i didn't want it to mix with any of the other great beers i was tasting. I wish I remembered the name cause i never want to have it again. Buffalo bills pumpkin ale was pretty lame too.
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Old 06-15-2011, 07:09 AM   #786
Feb 2011
pacifica, ca
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New Belgium Mothership... it sticks out in my mind for being horrible.

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Old 06-15-2011, 07:22 AM   #787
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Nov 2008
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Singha. Thailand. Yet, another piece-of-****-fizzy-beer.
Guaranteed to give you a hangover.
there are also a couple other crappy Asia beers out there too.

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Old 06-15-2011, 07:50 AM   #788
Nov 2010
San Antonio, Texas
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Stating the obvious , anything Anheuser Busch.

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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by Johnvodka
Stating the obvious , anything Anheuser Busch.
A lot of people are saying stuff like Bud Light, and as someone who will not order a macrobrew even if I'm at a bar or restaurant with no craft beer whatsoever, I find that a pretty stupid and even pretentious thing to say.

And if Bud Light truly is the worst beer somebody has tried, it says much more about the person than it does about Bud Light. It says, "I am a person who hasn't tried very many different beers." Because, really, Bud Light tastes like fizzy water. It doesn't have a disgusting taste, it simply has no taste.

When you consider all the beers out there that aren't just bad, but can even have an intensity of flavor on par with an IIPA or barleywine, Bud Light just falls entirely off the radar. I mean truly offensive beers that you might even consider vomiting just to get that crap out of you, and the only thing stopping you is the realization that you'll have to taste it again on the way back up. Beer so vile that you would gladly drink your buddy's Bud Light because it's the closest thing around that might help you get the taste out of your mouth.

Sometimes it's the result of an infected or otherwise bad bottle or batch. Other times the beer is just genuinely that bad, whether through poor brewing/fermentation techniques, terrible recipe design, or some combination of factors.

Either way, truly disgusting beers, while not typical, aren't THAT rare, either. To have never encountered something worse than a tasteless Bud Light only implies that the person hasn't really tried many different beers at all.

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Feb 2011
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