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Jan 2011
West Hartford, CT
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Originally Posted by 06gixxer600 View Post
I'm not sure I could pin it down to just one. Rolling Rock is definitely close to the top though. Summer Shandy and Sam Adams Cherry wheat are terrible as well.
Grew up on the Rock, still have a taste for it.

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Feb 2011
Appleton, Wisconsin
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I would say almost anything in a green bottle

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Feb 2011
Brewer, Maine
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I don't know what I dislike more - PBR or the hipsters that drink it.
"It's amazing I can get so drunk on one beer...I just need to figure out which one it was!" My Dad.

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Apr 2010
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Originally Posted by matthewgardner View Post
I don't know what I dislike more - PBR or the hipsters that drink it.
Hands down, hipsters.

The worst beer I've had is definitely High Life Light or anything "Ice". The worst craft beer = Golden Monkey.

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Nov 2010
Essex, Ontario
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I had a Miller Light draft in a Friday's restaurant in Davenport, Florida. It was my birthday and they had a 2 for 1 draft sale so my Dad bought one for each of us. I can drink pretty much any beer but this was HORRIBLE.

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Bottled - "Four Ones Alt"
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Crying Over - "Triple K Lager" that went down the drain

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Feb 2009
Buford, GA
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local brew pub opened a few months back, bout a 5 mile ride for SWMBO and I, so we head up there couple friday nights ago. First 2 beers (tripel and an IPA) weren't too bad. The second 2 (Robust Porter and a God-knows-what, but it was supposed to be an ESB) were HORRIBLE. the place brews in 15 gal batches, and said they've been way over demanded and way under supplied. The porter was tart, almost like a lambic and the ESB was WAY sweet, probably didn't finish fermenting at the rate he said they were going through their pipeline.

We'll go back. Seem like nice folks (even though our food service was terrible too), but most of all, glad to see someone who's brewing and selling it here in GA. Maybe next time our beer won't suck.
brewing lots, rather not keep it all updated here


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May 2009
Aurora, CO
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I'm at the airport in Akron right now drinking Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA. Pretty standard ....

However, worst beer goes to Sam Adams Cherry wheat (insert puke emoticon here), and someone mentioned bud light lime. He is freakin right when hes said "I win". That is a god awful beer. It's just so bad, I really don't know what to say. I tried a sip once and will never touch it again. I drink PBR, Miller, alright Steel Reserve is horrible. OE 800, not all that awful, especailly compared to bud light lime.

I love the craft brew revolution, but gosh dang, sometimes $h!t is just straight terrible. Not sure what people are thinking.

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Jan 2011
oakland, california
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back in my college days i bought a case of BEER, generic beer. white can, black lettering, bar code. we thought it was funny at the time. tasted like skunked schlitz.

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Feb 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
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Mine was back in college as well...i rarely dump a beer. It was either schlitz or schmidts? Horrible! The only other beer I dumped was a dogfishhead 120... I love the dfh 90 though.

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Jan 2011
Somerville, MA
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I agree with Shipyard Pumpkinhead being horrible. I had it on tap last october and I remember it being somewhat ok. But they I bought a 6 pack to serve at my bday party and wow, it was horrible. I was so embarassed, I apologized to my guests.

Tequiza was also pretty horribly, and while I used to tolerate it, I really can't drink Heineken. It has an aftertaste like vomit. I'm guessing it gets skunked pretty easily due to the green bottles. Also up there is budweiser. I don't mind high life, pbr, etc, but I just can't stand bud.
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