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Matt Up North
Jul 2008
Santa Rosa, CA
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Steel reserve about a month ago. I had a hangover that same night even before going to bed. Aweful aweful stuff. Me and the lady decided to party it up before she left for a week and were shopping for her camping trip so picked up two of them. Got home and she opened them both, we barely finished one together. Took shots instead.
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eschatz's Avatar
Dec 2007
Terre Haute, IN
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Steel Reserve is NASTY STUFF!! There was some of that at a party last Saturday. I hadn't tasted the dragon in so long. I went for a can. I was pretty drunk. You know the kind of drunk where painfull is funny? Well I knew it was going to suck but I think I learned my lesson. You know that nasty beer face you get when you drink Natty Ice? Well it goes away after a couple of sips as you adjust. You never adjust with the Reserve. Gut Rot my friends.
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StunnedMonkey's Avatar
Aug 2008
Fort Wayne, IN
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While perhaps not the absolute worst beer I've ever had, a few months ago I paid craft brew prices for a 4 pack of Horse Piss Beer. I figured, with a name like that it must be good. Right?

It seriously tasted like a blend of Miller Lite, Busch Lite, well water, and Palmolive dish soap. Say, 40/40/15/5 on the proportions.

To be avoided.
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El_Pistolero45's Avatar
Jul 2009
Posts: 22

in 1972 at the age of 6. I got into my Grandfather's "Stash" of "Garage Beer". Garage Beer was the stuff he got as a gift or bought on sale and "Lagered" in his garage by his boat. Cases and cases of stuff that was out of date by a long shot. The First bad beer was a Can of Schitz er ahh Schlitz that HAD NO PULL TAB. Who in hell knows how old it truly was? It was BAD!
So Bad, that it was almost 10 years later before I tried another beer/

Bad Beer #2:

Carlings Black Label.... made me believe that Canadians were EVIL.
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AKchill's Avatar
Feb 2009
Anchorage, AK
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Growing up in a bush village, we never had good beer. So when I went to college in Minnesota, I didn't know that there were different classes of beer. Until I drank Lost Lake. That putrid walleye-piss of a beer was so bad that the three of us ACTUALLY DIDN'T FINISH A 30 PACK! We all had the ****s the next day, and one of us couldn't drink beer for the rest of the week! That being said, to this day, my favorite cheap beer is Keystone Ice. It was the only beer we could get our hands on, and I will always love "Black Beauties." Don't judge me.
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Old 08-06-2009, 05:10 AM   #36
Mar 2008
St. Louis
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I brewed an apa a couple months ago that was pretty hideous. It tasted like feet.. nasty, stanky, swamp feet with a hint of ass. Not only did it taste like it was infected but that **** finished at like 1.022 so it was sickeningly sweet. I refused to throw it out and drank 5 gallons of it. Some of it I cut 60/40 with some dunkel weizen which made it much more bearable, some I drank straight but no matter how you sliced it, that **** was ****ing nasty. I figured it would serve as a good reminder to do my best to brew good beer. I haven't used safale 05 since either.
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Jun 2009
Jeffersonville, Indiana
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Absolute worst beer ive ever drunk (more than once)....HEFFENREFFER PRIVATE STOCK...Numerous High School weekenders...lol

Haffenreffer Malt Liquor

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Old 08-06-2009, 07:54 AM   #38
Internet Bartender
MeatyPortion's Avatar
May 2009
Madison, WI
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Steel Reserve is indeed nasty stuff. I bought a 4 pack of it while I was living in downtown Madison. Memories of vomiting loudly are all I can process right now.

Hamm's was another bad one. Had that for 50 cents a can at some bar in River Falls. That was a black out night.
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Old 08-06-2009, 04:38 PM   #39
Jul 2009
Charlotte NC
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Koch's Golden Anniversary Beer is probably the worst beer that I have ever had. In fact, I think a case of Pepsi is more expensive then this beer.

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Old 08-06-2009, 04:57 PM   #40
Aug 2006
Traverse City, MI
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I also gotta toss in a vote for Steel Reserve as well. On the way home from a tattoo session I decided to buy one because i'd never had it before and I couldn't even finish it. Absolutely wretched stuff.

My other vote goes to Hurricane High Gravity malt liquor. Had a terrible week at work and just wanted to go home and get druck and chill out.

Popped into the local liquor store on the way home, proceeded to the couch and popped open my can of whoop-ass. I think I managed to drink less then half of it down before I ended up giving it back to the porcelain god.

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