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Originally Posted by Homebrewtastic View Post
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is all sorts of horrible.
And the Sam Adams Triple Bock tastes like soy sauce.
Agreed on both of those! Got the Triple Bock because the bottle looked cool, ended up dumping it. And it was pricey!

Also adding to the hate on Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat....like someone poured beer in their cereal and decided "hey, this is awesome!"

To add a few of my least favorites:
Rogue Chipotle Ale...I bought this because I had a good chipotle beer from Bootlegger's. This is not a good beer. Tasted like a generic pale with a ****load of pepper spice. Went down the drain.
Magic Hat #9....finished it, but with great effort. Hate hate hate.
Abita Jockamo IPA...I don't think they ever tried an IPA before they made this beer.
Ommegang Ommegeddon...found out the hard way that there is definitely such a thing as TOO MUCH FUNK!!
Blue Moon Grand Cru.....I love Blue Moon, so why not a higher ABV special edition? Well, I guess that's what I got. Take Blue Moon, add in way too much alcohol hotness, and tada! $8 a bottle. FML.
Boddington's....I tried this early in my beer drinking career, and absolutely loathed it. Noting that it's a fairly popular beer, I tried it again recently now that my palate is a bit expanded. Hated it even more. What an awful, awful beer.
Delirium Tremens....The best way I heard this described was "it tastes like hot dog water"

Originally Posted by jgourd View Post
Very sad, but for me it was a brew from Rogue of all breweries. Their Double (yes, double) Dead Guy Ale on tap at a reputable pub that cleans their lines regularly. It was n*a*s*t*y. Really sour and pungent and stinky and everything bad. I finished it. But then someone decided it would be a great idea to buy me another. I left it on the table and ordered a SNPA to get the crap taste out of my mouth.
Weird, I've had this beer a ton of times and it's never tasted sour. Something was wrong with the beer at the place you got it.

Originally Posted by scrambledegg81 View Post
.... DFH's Palo Santo Marron. Granted, I'm not much of a "dark" beer fan
If you don't like Guinness, it probably wasn't a good idea to buy a 12% ABV "dark" beer

Originally Posted by Frank99 View Post
"Simpler Times" sold at Trader Joe's. It was loaded with diacyetyl.
I like cheap and crappy beer, and this beer was awful. On the upside, I really like their Summerbrau Kolsch

Also I find it funny that a lot of people are basically posting a style they don't like.
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Meister Brau............nuff said.

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Originally Posted by joe1996 View Post
the worst beer ive tasted is the bud with tomato juice i cant remember the name and miller chili...

here in mexico when you have a bad hangover you can mix bmc with clamato, (tomato juice with clam juice), lemon, and chilli, and its pretty decent but those pseudo ®chabelas®are not good.

Chabelas is the term for the beer with clamato

Chavelas saved my job at Applebee's a long time ago...one night after work I had the audacity to play a few hours of quarters with some co-workers.

With Patron Silver.

Let's just say I somehow won. Both the game and a 2-day hangover.

I was lucky I didn't have to work the day after, but the 2nd day I had to go in at 3. That morning I was still very much dehydrated and my head was still doing time warps. 1 chavela and 5 Advil later, I was as perky as a high school cheerleader at homecoming.

Patron is evil sh!t.
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Originally Posted by bovineblitz View Post
Shipyard Pumpkinhead is absolutely terrible this year... tastes like a watery cider with a handful of random spices thrown in.
Glad I wasn't the only one that feels this way. I just commented on this tonight how crappy it was this year. I look forward to it.

Now someone else mentioned SA Nobil Pils...man I really like that beer! Guess everyone's tastes are different.

But the worst beer I had tried was the SA Triple Bock from '95. Tasted like Chocolate Vinegar.

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Crazy Horse malt liquor is probably the "winner."

First runner up: National Bohemian (after 2 or 3, my tongue would start to swell).

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In august I was about to go floating and was pretty stoked to get so drunk on the river that people around me would be genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. Unfourtunately just before I was about to leave I got a call for a really short notice fight (2 weeks) and I was 20 lbs over so my awesome beer became the new bud 55. Which was just awful and pointless.

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My friend, Eric, went over his Aunt's place and went into the basement. In the refridgerator was some old beers. He asked his Aunt about them and she said they were his Uncle's before he died. The beers were estimated to be 5 years old. One of them was a Miller Lite in a can.

We drank it for the following reasons:
1. To see how bad it really could have gotten.

Ok...well, that was the only reason. It was atrocious. More so than the beer usually is.
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back in my younger foolish days, I thought the only purpose of drinking beer was to get hammered.

My friend and I bought a 12 pack of Steel Reserve 24 oz pounders one night. I finished my 6.

I tried it once since then, and dumped it out.
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Genesee Cream Ale by far

My Brutus Build

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I can't think of one "worst" beer I've ever had, but I can think of a microbrewery that fits the bill: McMenamin's

Every single one of their beers tastes like the same anemic malt profile, overbittered, and then flavored with a bit of cascade hops. They have about 10 different "styles" on tap at any one time and the only difference between any of them is the color. I think that their food is carefully crafted with a year's worth of garlic and fryer oil so that their customers won't notice that their skunky beer tastes like it's their first batch.

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