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Jan 2011
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Yep, that one's actually been mentioned several times.

Not sure why anybody here even feels the need to try it though

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Jan 2011
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I had Sam Adams cherry wheat a couple years ago and it tasted pretty good. Last years though was cough syrup. Maybe they changed the recipe?

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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
I had Sam Adams cherry wheat a couple years ago and it tasted pretty good. Last years though was cough syrup. Maybe they changed the recipe?
I've noticed that with some sam adams as well. Not too often, but I know for sure that the Octoberfest they had last year was weak in comparison to previous years. This year though it seemed to be pretty good.

On a side note, I had to try the Big Flats lol. The curiosity got to me
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Jan 2011
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Simpler times.... undrinkable. That weird sweetness. Yuk!

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Old 10-17-2011, 11:52 AM   #1285
Sep 2011
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Wild Blue Blueberry Lager. Absolutely offensive swill -- I didn't realize it was an AB product until dumping it, but that pretty much explains everything.

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Aug 2005
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Originally Posted by ksb63
No actually like trippels, dubbels, porters, stouts, sours, hefe's ect. For some reason can't stand IPA's they smell like cat nip/mint and just taste off to me. Like an overly peated scotch.
Interesting. I actually love a good peaty scotch.. Laphroig, for example, is excellent. I like IPAs fine but do not find the flavor to be at all like a good smokey peaty scotch.

It's also interesting you mention la fin du monde, I think that's pretty good beer if you like the belgian style.

I'm not trying to call you out, taste is subjective. It's just interesting how there are certain beers that have been mentioned repeatedly (so there is some of consensus) but many posters also have some particular idiosyncrasies where they dislike a very specific beer or style.

For example, last time I tried anchor liberty ale I found the hop profile harsh and medicinal tasting but I'm not generally aversive to hoppy beers. I also despise that weird flavor in the european lagers (eg heineken, estrella damm, stella).

Still, all those are recognizable as beer. Steel Reserve is just awful... There's just no contest.

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Old 10-17-2011, 04:51 PM   #1287
Oct 2011
Belton, TX
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Love the Belgium styles but for some reason have had to dump that one twice. Only tried again because hate to only try once and form opinion off one taste plus really liked the chambly noir so I either got two skunked fins (from different cities) or its just off to me.

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Oct 2008
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Originally Posted by StunnedMonkey View Post
Do any of you guys remember the "generic" beer phase from the mids 80's? We used to get cases of this stuff and head out to the drive in movie. You weren't supposed to have alcohol but nobody ever cared. We'd drink it right out in the open.

I don't know who actually brewed this stuff, but it was generally pretty foul.

Oh yeah I remember that stuff on the shelves of the Pinch Penny Pub liquor store in Carbondale back in the day along with the Mad Dog 20/20 night train, and so on....Generic beer by far the worst....and a couple of other's that bring back so little memories due to more than likely blacking out....

1.) Generic Beer
2.) Schlitz Malt Liquor.....Wow this was bad stuff
3.) Old Style.....fizzy wizz is what it looked like....My dad and all his friends drank this.
4.) Hamm's of any flavor.....that Bear needs to be shot....

Worst idea for getting buzzed before hitting the strip on saturday night......a case of generic beer and some Mad Dog to really hit the buzz....never knew vomit had so many colors.....
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Oct 2011
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this is easy, 7-11 stores came up with their own brand a couple of years ago called "Game Time"? I think it was called. This was the worst crap I have ever had the displeasure to try. I was curious about it so I bought a 12 pack cold, as if it made any difference, ha! Anyone else ever try this crap??

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Oct 2011
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It's still probably better than piss beer, but as far as micros go, I bought a 4 pack of Mad River Double Dread imperial red. It was almost undrinkable. I gave 1 away and have 2 sitting in my fridge, taunting me. There were huge chunks floating in it, and the taste was pretty nasty. I don't remember the specifics, since it was a couple months ago, but it was downright unpleasant. It gets mostly good reviews on beeradvocate, with some bad reviews, so I suppose it's possible they had a bad batch.

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