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Oct 2010
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RedHook Eisbock I have to add to this list. Just terrible. Myself and the drunks at the bar I was working could not finish free pints of it.

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Feb 2011
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Probably why they were free? haha. I just thought of a rather amusing episode regarding this. About 2 months ago my wife & I strolled into the beer cooler at Giant Eagle,& came upon HB "original" in bottles from Munchen. Cool we thought! WROOONG! We got home,& that evening broke out 2 bottles & some beer glasses. Gak! Talk about skunk wizz. We even let our boys smell it so they'd know what we mean when referring to a beer as "skunked". I spent 9 bucks on that 6'r too. She then pipes in,looking at me,"note to self...don't buy imported beer in GREEN BOTTLES!" point taken fer sher...
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Jan 2011
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Yeah, I was dumb enough to grab a 6 pack of Hofbrau Octoberfest after having some on tap. The other festbier I grabbed in green bottles (Paulaner?) was fine, but the Hofbrau seemed to have gone tanning and turned totally skunk.

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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
...came upon HB "original" in bottles from Munchen. Cool we thought! WROOONG! We got home,& that evening broke out 2 bottles & some beer glasses. Gak! Talk about skunk wizz.
Exact same experience with that brew. Although I bought a single bottle in a mix-and-match sixer so the loss was minimal. I've heard good reviews of that beer, so I'm gonna have to try it on tap before I make a judgment call.
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Old 10-02-2011, 03:56 AM   #1255
Feb 2011
Lisbon, Maryland
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Imper ale - Nero. It's italian, its filthy. It's supposed to be a stout but the head dissipates as if it were a Sprite and the whole damn thing smells and tastes like stout mixed with champagne. Horrible. Even worse, they wanted to charge $18/bottle for it. I picked it up for $5 out of a clearance bin and it wasn't even worth that. glad i learned a lesson
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Originally Posted by MeatyPortion View Post
Steel Reserve is indeed nasty stuff. I bought a 4 pack of it while I was living in downtown Madison. Memories of vomiting loudly are all I can process right now.

Hamm's was another bad one. Had that for 50 cents a can at some bar in River Falls. That was a black out night.
Have to agree with the hamms. Bought it because it was 8.29 a case. Didn't taste too bad (Before I knew better). Could not figure out for a few months what was causing my indigestion. Have not had any since.

Rhinelander is probably the worst tasting I have had...

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Jun 2011
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sam adams cherry wheat = worse than mike's hard lemonade

I enjoy every other Sam Adams product for the most part, but cherry wheat is unspeakably bad.
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Jun 2011
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That's why we dont speak of it. By speaking of it you have made it stronger. The evil grows.

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Lol...well played

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Oct 2011
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Game day light from grocery outlet: 2.99 12 pack= gross

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