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Sam Adams Triple Bock. Hands down.


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Land Shark....


(not sure if it's micro or commercial) Third Coast
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Originally Posted by Tall_Yotie View Post
Guinness, at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland.

I figured I would get some flame without explanation. I am not an Irish Stout drinker, so not a fan of the brew to begin with, but can still tell quality. At the Storehouse, however, the beer tasted watered down. There was no character other than thickness and head. It was bland, and the only excuse I could come up with is that it was young. Even my wife, who loves Guinness, only had a third of her pint.

This goes for Guinness we got elsewhere in Ireland as well. Same watered down taste.

They say it tastes different in Ireland... they are right, it is worse.
Possibly because its served colder there.... so you tasted less.

Sam Summer ale, 3 years ago I liked it, now, I can't stand it - I 2nd the cherry wheat too.

I thought the red hook ipa was bad, real bad, but it was at least an ipa, so still better than most crap beers I just had high expectations.
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Very sad, but for me it was a brew from Rogue of all breweries. Their Double (yes, double) Dead Guy Ale on tap at a reputable pub that cleans their lines regularly. It was n*a*s*t*y. Really sour and pungent and stinky and everything bad. I finished it. But then someone decided it would be a great idea to buy me another. I left it on the table and ordered a SNPA to get the crap taste out of my mouth.

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Originally Posted by mlg5039 View Post
The winter warmer was the first thing that came to my mind. I worked in a beer distributor for a year and so naturally I sampled everything. The first swig is allright but very interesting to say the least. Swig two was my limit. Drink in extreme moderation lol.
I remember picking up a six pack and only managing for finish one. I made all of my friends try one that night because I couldn't believe how terrible it was - a big hot nutmeg mess.

To add to the list, Great Divide Titan IPA. If I wanted to taste pine in such amounts I'd go outside and chew on a branch.

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Originally Posted by jds View Post
Sam Adams Triple Bock. Hands down.

I would agree with you, but I had 2 different experiences with this beer.
I bought some back in 95 and tried one. It was like bourbon and I hated it. Only finished it because I spent so much money on it. I kept a couple bottles around though and tried a 14 year old bottle of it a couple years ago and it was amazing. it was like chocolate liquer, it would have been dessert with some strawberries.

I'm going to go with Corona as well.

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Someone mentioned SA Coastal Wheat. I second that. Disgusting. Induces the gag reflex the second you try to swallow it. I cant believe this beer passes their QA standards.

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I have often wondered if anyone has ever tried to enter one of these commercial brews in a contest. There is some Really nasty tasting swill some people put in cans and bottles.

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Black Label

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Worst commercial beer ever? Hands down, a three way tie! Bud/Miller/Coors, but here's the caveat... in G'itmo, Cuba. Rumored to have been preserved with formaldehyde. Three or four beers in... headache! You couldn't numb your brain enough to get rid of the pain.

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