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Originally Posted by johnnybrew View Post
How'd that taste?
This was a mostly late hopped blonde and tasted great in the beginning, a little better after a couple of days but levels off and doesn't get better with age, due to all of the flavor and aroma hops. I think it was like 1.042-1.044 SG id have to check beersmith for that.

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+1 on Hefeweizen:

for 5 gallons -

6lb Wheat DME
1oz Czech Saaz @60 mins
Whirlfloc/Irish Moss @ 10 mins (optional)
Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan (or any German Weizen Ale yeast)

Ferment until finished (generally 5-7 days) and package. This one's really good as soon as carbonated!

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a nice british mild is ready in about two weeks. i know orfy has a good recipe for one.

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Low gravity helps. My Mild recipe is drinkable in 7 to 10 days after bottling, though two to three weeks is even better.

Witbier is another one best consumed young. American Wheat, Blonde Ale, etc.

My advice? Keep the OG below 1.045 and the flavors restrained. Hops-bombs take time to mellow, as do big roasted-malt flavors. Some Brown Ales are quite good young.


Fort Christian Brewpub
St Croix, US Virgin Islands

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You can drastically speed up your process by kegging. I have gone from kettle to glass in eight days. However, it is much better to be patient. I find that 2 packets of Safale 04 work very quickly. Try making an english ale around 1.045-1.050 oxygenate and pitch two packets. Unfortunately with bottling, you pretty much have to wait the two weeks for it to be right.

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Originally Posted by yeastpitcher View Post
what about a rye? Thinking about the rye-pa specifically.
By rye-pa I'll assume you mean a very hopped rye beer. If I'm correct, and you want a quick turnaround, stay away from hoppy beers. Hops take some time to mellow and blend their flavors together. Even a low-hopped beer can still taste hoppy after 6 weeks post kettle.

And if you're looking for a 12 day turnaround... Bottling probably won't get you there. To properly carb bottles takes 2-3 weeks. Even if you were fine with a lower carb level, you're still talking 7-10 days in a bottle. This will only leave you 2-5 days in primary which is cutting it real short.

But as stated, a blonde or wheat are better young, so if you need to jumpstart your pipeline quickly, start there. I just wouldn't plan on impressing anybody with the taste in 12 days.

As an aside, a buddy of mine did put together a brew from kettle to glass in 3 days. He used a turbo yeast (typically used for distillers as the initial booze quality and subtleties aren't of paramount importance) which fermented in 24 hours, cold crashed it, force carbed the
heck out of it and viola! It was awful, but after 12 or so, who could tell?
Originally Posted by StuporMan View Post
You guys joke around with this all you want, but let me tell you something: I tried making my own beer one time and wound up with herpes!

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On Deck: Honey brown ale, dry stout

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Does anyone know an idiot proof hefeweizen that is a little different than the basic? A simple hefewiezen would be fine as well, but it's always fun to add a twist.

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From my bible by CP he says basic extract Ales can be ready to keg/bottle after as short a time as 4-7 days. Can be ready to drink in 2 days force carbonated in a keg. It'll still taste green for a week or so. Not saying aging doesn't help a lot... just if you need quick beer and arent super picky.

When I finished my first batch, same thing happened to me - oh crap, wish I had some more! I made Peak Pale Ale from my local shop, kegged it after exactly 7 days. PSI up to 30, shake GENTLY for just a couple mins (some say to shake vigorously for 15 mins) and the next day it was 'drinkable'. Not fantastic. Two weeks later, it was fantastic.

Disclaimer I'm just getting started too, only five batches under my belt. No fear, lovin it!

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Mar 2010
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im an all grain brewer these days, i didnt take to the extract twang. i would recommend the blood orange hefeweizen, its extract. excellent beer and u can bottle in 10 days (mine was finished and clean on day 7)

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I think quick beers have a lot to do with the yeast you use…+1 on the hefeweizen

Wyeast 1968 is a quick yeast also and works good with low OG beers like small pale ales and milds

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