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Chris Z
Jun 2008
S.E. Wisconsin
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wasn't there a thread about pressurized fermenting?


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Aug 2010
Austin, TX
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There's a thread somewhere on the forum where someone talks about fermenting at 15 PSI. Note that if you did this with water, you'd need a ~33ft column of water in your airlock

^^^^ beaten by seconds

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They don't say how long they keep it at 80, nor what form of yeast they are using. Most yeast require temps between 80 and 110 (depending on yeast) to rehydrate quickly and successfully. It would only make sense for a pro brewery, with the means, to do so.

Pitch the yeast at 80, then slowly bring it down into the 60's over the course of 12 or 18 hours or so. During that phase, the yeast isn't necessarily fermenting yet, but reproducing and taking in nutrients. By the time most of the yeast have stopped reproducing and go into full fermentation, a day or two could have easily gone by, plenty of time for the wort to have been cooled down into the 60's.

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Which brewery?
Hey, knock that shvt off. We're drinkin' here.

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Originally Posted by Chris Z View Post
wasn't there a thread about pressurized fermenting?
Yup, been there....Still do that.

CO2 Top Pressure Advantages/Disadvantages
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Aug 2009
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This is anctedotal (like most everything here), but I typically pitch dry ale yeasts (S-05, Notty, S-04) at around 80F and then drop the carboy into water to cool it down to 62F where I try to maintain for a couple of weeks. I get VERY clean tasting beer, always.

Now, this all makes perfect sense for dry ale yeast. Commercial instructions for Safale say to hydrate at, low and behold, 80F for 20-30 minutes before pitching.

Liquid yeast? Haven't tried starting high and don't want to risk a batch. But I wonder if it matters as long as you get it cooled down in a couple of hours.....


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May 2010
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Originally Posted by Chris Z View Post
wasn't there a thread about pressurized fermenting?

Awesome thread! Thanks for the link. I was thinking of doing this, but didn't realize the advantage of "temperature" forgiveness. Very cool.

Sorry for the thread hi-jack.

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Mar 2010
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Originally Posted by kanzimonson View Post
If you check out the customer reviews of White Labs strains, people are always saying stuff like, "Oh man don't pitch this into anything over 72 or you'll get [some crazy flavor]." Belgian and Bavarian wheat yeasts are great examples of this - too high temp during the growth phase and you've got banana beer.
I would disagree, i've used both white labs,wyeas and dry yeast some up to 92f when I couldn't cool my wort down enough. Especially with Wheat strains I have pitched in the 90s then put it in my designated fermentation area and 10 hours later it was at a good mid 70s no off tastes. I think its to each their own, some people might have issues with warm fermentation starts and some might not. Think palmer talk about house taste in joy of brewing, each home brewer has their own subtle "house taste" in their brews this might also effect people's off taste. Guess i just live in a very good home. Just my two cents.

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Dec 2008
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Written right on the White Labs Lager yeast vials it says to pitch at 70 degrees and wait for signs of fermentation before lowering the temp. Thats the way I've always done it.
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I've had many instances of having to pitch warm 78-82F with ale yeast. Then set the fermentation chamber to 65F and walked away. Usually because chilling my wort became a frustrating problem.

Only time I had any off flavors was with a Lager yeast, which was pitched in the mid 60's and then lowered.

So I am on the side of it's not a big deal as long as you bring the temps down quickly after pitching.

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