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This is a recommendation for Bobby_M's sight gauges. I've used sight gauges from another vendor and Bobby's are clearly superior. I'll admit that I just added them to my keggles and if they let me down during the next year I'll update this thread with scathing testimonial.

My previous sight gauges cracked from normal use. They were constructed from some type of tubing fixed into a brass compression fitting. I had no problem with them until they cracked.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Bobby includes some nice appliqué numerals for marking gallons. If you screw this up (I did) he'll send another set for about $4.50. The polycarbonate tubing is threaded directly into a 1/2" SS adapter.

[edit] Bobby has a thin brush made just for his sight glasses. It's only a few bucks, I have one and would recommend it for cleaning the tube in a BK.

Old one and new one

Old one and new one

Bobby_M sight gauge

More Bobby_M sight gauge

And one last one...
- Andrew

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Feb 2010
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I just installed two of his sight tube/thermo combo units and brewed one batch with the new equipment. Worked flawlessly!

The install was easy, but the drag was calibrating the gallon markings. No one's fault there... a necessary evil. Just time consuming measuring, pouring, marking, repeat. I installed one on my HLT and the other on my keggle. Great stuff... would recommend Bobby and his sight tubes for sure, even if he is a little obsessed with shining his keggles to a mirror finish that rivals the chrome on a 67 corvette! (just poking fun here)


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Feb 2010
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It's "unabashed".

Wow! Great comparison pics!
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Geez man, it's hard to believe that was an unsolicited, unpaid review. I have to admit, my designs have gone through adjustments since I first started putting these together. You might say the first 20 sold were all prototypes and I did use wimpy tubing for a few of them. I'm at a point now where I can fully stand behind the design and will never run out of parts (unless I just goof on inventory). Thanks for the props and great pics.
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So are they threaded (clear tubing) to fit the stainless fitting? I have an early "wimpy" set on my HLT and BK.

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Old 09-10-2010, 06:59 PM   #6
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Oct 2009
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I have to second the great quality if these. I just installed mine and am putting off measuring and marking. I had an old one from another vendor and it shattered maybe 5 brews into use. I can't see me breaking this one unless it is plain carelessness.

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Old 09-10-2010, 08:47 PM   #7
Jul 2010
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I must also chime in in praise of these things. I fired my keggle with a sight glass for the first time two weeks ago, and it worked perfectly. Big thumbs up to Bobby M for this and his other contributions to the brewniverse.

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I have one of bobby's sight gauges and it works perfect no cracking no fading or color changes. A fine piece of equipment.
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I haven't had time to install mine, but it looks well made. Nice thermometer, too.

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I have been looking into getting a couple for my rig, I think I need look no further, and just get them from Bobby M.
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