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Jan 2007
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I used my carboy for the first time last night. Made my 1st IPA, and pitched a vile of WhiteLabs California Ale yeast around 8:30PM

Not too long after pitching (@ an hour and a half), and still this morning, there is what looks like a 3/4" - 1" layer of yeast on the bottom of the carboy. Is that supposed to happen? I mean, it's certainly much more yeast than I pitched in from the vile; are they just multiplying?

There was no action from the blowoff tube yet either, and I couldn't see anything visibly moving around in the carboy like we've all come to know and love.

Since I've only been using 6.5g ale pails, I've never had a chance to see what happens in the buckets before the airlock begins bubbling. Is what I've described above normal?

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That layer is more likely cold break and trub settling out as opposed to yeast. Since you directly pitched the vile, it is going to take a little more time for the yeast to multiply to take on the sugars.

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Sounds nominal.
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Perfectly normal.

I doubt you really have that amount of sediment on the bottom. It seems to climb up the walls of the carboy and makes it look bigger than it really is.


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Keep watching my friend. You're in for a treat!
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I'll SAY!!! I brewed two batches yesterday after the whole state of Oklahoma basically shut down. Only had one plastic fermentor and one glass carboy. Screw it, I'm brewing two. The Scotch Ale in the carboy, wow, it's better than watching TV or an aquarium. All kind of things churning around in there. Pretty cool to watch. I do have a question, do I need to keep the glass one totally out of the light? I'm talking inside light and maybe a little ambient sunshine, not directly on it though.

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ooooooo sounds like the brow bottle debate

Keeping it in the dark is best but I wouldnt worry too much if there is a little ambient light getting to it. Throw a couple towels over it just to avoid the brown bottle argument.
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I used to keep mine in my bathroom with the lights off, but then I started putting them outside and near the back door when it cooled off. Since doing that, I've kept them wrapped at all times. If you don't, you risk the skunkiness of hops gone wrong.
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