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Sep 2010
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I'm new to the forums and thought I'd send out a general hello.

I started brewing mead last Wednesday (9/1/2010) and was initially using a balloon because my airlock arrived with a crack. Did I ruin that?

Also, I started brewing my first load of beer today. My brew book said "pour in the malt extract (and sugar if you're using it)," which I interpreted as dump in the priming sugar. Reading on to the bottling step, I now realize I wasn't supposed to do that. Did I ruin this batch?

Thanks and nice to meet you,

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Nope. I'm assuming it's a little 5oz packet of bottling sugar. That's really not enough to make a difference in the brew. When people do sugar additions to a beer, it's often measured in pounds, not ounces. You'll raise your abv a few tenths of a percent is all. But now you have to go and buy some more corn sugar for priming or figure something else out.

You're going to have to try harder than that to ruin your beer.

And instead of a balloon, just cover the carboy with a piece of sanitized aluminum foil. That'll keep anything from getting in while letting CO2 out and it's a bit more reliable than a balloon.

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Jul 2009
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The balloon should be ok, if it was sanitized. I would replace it with an unbroken airlock as soon as possible.

As for your beer, it'll be slightly higher abv than expected and you'll need to get more priming sugar before you bottle, but otherwise you're good.

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you've just made a Belgian
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Sep 2010
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I forgot to mention, I went to the brew shop on Friday and replaced the airlock/picked up the beer brewing supplies. I have to pick up bottles anyway (didn't want to carry too many breakables on the bus) so picking up more sugar shouldn't be a problem.

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May 2010
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You will be fine. Let us know how it turns out....
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Sep 2010
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I messed up again! I poured the wort (trub and all) into the fermenter even though the booklet recommended siphoning to get only the liquid. I figure I'll be siphoning again so there shouldn't be too much damage, but I am a novice.

Ruined yet?

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I don't siphon going into the fermenter- I pour it all in. It's worked for my first 300 batches or so.

You want to aerate your cooled wort anyway, so pouring it into the fermenter helps with that. Don't worry about it.
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Mar 2010
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yea youre fine man.

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You're making it complicated. You could just bottle off of the top of the trub if you really wanted to simplify. The last couple bottles get some floaties in. Save them for yourself and don't serve to guests.

I'm thinking you'll be fine.

BTW - look at the bottom of the page or related topics.... You'll be amazed.
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