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Aug 2010
Clovis, New Mexico
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I brewed my first batch 3 days ago. I brewed an American Wheat using a Wyeast activator. It's in the fermenter and for the first day seemed to be going well. There is a Kreusen on top and all that. But it just seems to be going kinda slow. I get a bubble through my airlock about every 15 - 20 seconds now and the foam isn't rising as high as I expected. It looks about an inch thick on top of the wort. I assumed that the kreusen would be close to the top of my carboy but it's not.

Is my fermentation weak?

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sounds good to me. an inch of krausen 3 days into it is good. let it go for another 6-8 days before you even touch it. brewed many wheats ( my favorite ) and that's what i expect to see
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Mar 2010
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Sounds good. Even if it were to be a slow ferment, let the hydrometer be the judge of the finished beer. Sounds like it is going well though. How active fermentation is, or more importantly appears to be depends on a lot of factors. From temps, to recipe, to yeast used, nutrients added, the list goes on.

Congrats on the first brew.

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What they said. Bubbles in the airlock don't mean a anything. Give it a week or 2 and check the gravity. If it hasn't dropped you have a problem, but most likely it will have gone down.

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Jul 2010
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Don't panic like I used to.. Just leave it in the closet for a couple of weeks. All will be well ^^
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sounds great, some times i just give my bucket a gentl swirt (do not slosh it) seems to slap my yeast awake about 3-5 days into the fermentation and i see increase activety be it bubbles or krausen build up for a day or two. I usually don't do gravity readings unless i'm worried about something usually do 9-12 day fermentations.

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