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May 2010
Chicago, Illinois
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..of splitting batches and using two different yeasts.

A little background: I've been brewing for about a year now (I know, still a noobie) but I like to think of myself as a semi-experienced brewer. Started with extracts and quickly moved to now understand words like strike and sparge. Bought a couple more carboys, buckets and kegs and now in a good little routine of trying new things. I took a month off from starting any new batches but now brewed two back to back (A Belgian Pale Ale and an ESB). Both are bubbling like crazy now in their primary fermenter.

Aaaanyway, enough of my rambling. Now for the reason, I actually want to share my story. A couple months back, I bought a Honey Wheat kit and wanted to test how much of a difference the yeast could do to the taste, aroma, body, etc.

I brewed 5 gallons and then split into separate carboys adding two different yeasts (for this one I added Nottingham to one and Wyeast Barvarian 3056)

My Nottingham version actually started fermenting quicker than the 3056 but I tried to keep everything as consistent as possible. Same fermenting temp, racked to secondary when bubbling slowed and then siphoned to two different kegs and sanitized everything together. Pressurized both kegs to about 8PSI and let sit for about a week or so and then sampled each for the next couple weeks. The Nottingham definitely had a cleaner finish while the 3056 has a wheat-ier look (a little cloudier, etc). The Nottingham taste was definitely crisper. I feel like the dry yeast compared to the liquid yeast gave a cleaner fermentation cycle with a more clear look to it.

Overall, I liked both of them but would recommend the 3056 for the wheat taste/look I desired.

Has anyone else had similar results? Or a different story you'd like to share based on using two different yeasts.

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May 2010
Eugene Oregon
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I have considered doing this several times. I'd also like to see the effects of different types of hops while dry hopping. I just don't have 2 carboys free at the times i have brewed. I might just purchase a couple 3gal carboys for this exact purpose. Might be cheaper to get 2 buckets from walmart.....
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I do 4 way "Splits", I brew in concentrate 10 gallons, then dilute to 20 gallons, and split between 4 carboys, Each with a different Yeast. I recently did a MILD recipe, with 4 yeasts, 1968,1998,1056,1084, If you like mild's all these are very different but very good. I also did a Saison, with 3864,3522, Flanders golden,3711. I have not got these kegged yet but can't wait. But it's a great way to build a yeast library.

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