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Old 08-30-2010, 08:47 PM   #1
Aug 2010
san antonio
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I have a been drinking some of my homebrew that has been aged for around 6 months in secondary with airlocks. I get so sick the day after. Everthing from dizzness to intense sweating. It is not a hangover and it happends if I even drink a little. I can't figure it out. It tastes great and I followed all santitation rituals very stringently. I use flat glass rocks when topping up and I use DI water. Any thoughts on why it seems to be poisoning me? I have drinken out of about 6 batches and they all make me feel like this.

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you might have a reaction to the yeast. I have a friend who is very sensitive to it and filters his beer, then kegs, to avoid this problem.
- Andrew

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Are you drinking the yeast? Do you have this problem with store bought beer that has been bottled with yeast in it?

I've never heard of sweating or dizziness, but I've had a few friends drink the yeast in the bottle and they had the squirts the next day. I'd check with a doctor, since I don't think anything in homebrew can make you sick unless it's extremely unsanitary.
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What can make you sick in homebrew?


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Mar 2010
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never gotten anything aside from an over indulgence induced hangover. but like mentioned, only a few strains of bug can live in beer (fermented already) and those will gush the beer, or taste odd, perhaps the chocolate squirts. you describe some odd allergy type thing. review what all chemicals/ingredients to see what you are allergic to.
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Dec 2009
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You don't happen have any galvinzed steel in your rig do you. Zinc poisoning can give similiar symptoms.

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Aug 2010
san antonio
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Thank you all. The weird thing is that my husband gets sick too. I use glass carboys and believe that would rule out zinc poisoning. Also, neither of us get the runs. I will check regarding the allergies. Do any of you use those flat colored stones you buy by the pound at hobby shops? I can't imagine this would cause it but I just don't know. I am very careful and can't imagine the wine is unsanitary.
Thank you all!

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Feb 2010
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Again, do you get sick when you drink storebought alcohol or beer with yeast in the bottle? Are you and your husband on any blood pressure medications including Viagra? I don't expect you to answer that, but these are questions that need to be answered. Your symptoms sound like a reaction to alcohol with prescription meds and/or endocrine problems, ie liver.

Does the same thing happen when you drink wine from the store?

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Any changes in your vision? There's a small chance this is methanol poisoning and a 12-24 hour time delay is normal. Read this, before getting too concerned though.

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Jul 2010
Byron Center, MI, Michigan
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I'd figure out the common factors of your brewing process. Did you use the same ingredients in them, same equipment, or possibly the same location? I've heard of people who aren't tolerant of sulfur and can't drink wines because of it, maybe it could be your water.

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