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There are already lots of great photos here that could be used if folks agreed to it.

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That's what I was thinking. The members of this site cover just about every method of production from stove top extract to steam-heated RIMS brewing. And all of the info on how to build it all. Plus, there are enough good recipes around here to easily fill a book. We probably don't need to cover the how to's so much as the "What do I need?" or "How can I use this for brewing?" questions
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We could also have a chance to bring things that are newer to the home brewing world. Batch sparging is not very well covered in any books that I have read. Kegging is another subject not covered very well, IMHO. An easy how to book could be nice as well as how to make your own equipment.
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Originally Posted by orfy
I think you should get the wiki and recipe database done first, then that will give us a lot of content ready done.
I second that. I rather have a good Wiki than a mediocre book.


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Originally Posted by the_bird
Here's one thing, to play Devil's Advocate for a second:
From the winepress site:
Is this really the case for homebrewing? "How To Brew" is pretty complete as-is, isn't it? What are we going to be adding as a community that John Palmer hasn't already covered? Or, the combination of Palmer and Papazian; Papazian as the philisophical treatise, Palmer as the technical manual (as someone described them recently).

Is there REALLY a need for another how-to-homebrew book?
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No, no need IMHO.... Why?


And the greenboard and all the rest... the info is there, it's ready to be taken, all someone has to do it be comitted enuf to look it up. Just look at the influx of new people who have been hitting the site since Christmas. And everyone who looks it up throughout the year. An actual "book" would be a waste of $. The majority of people are researching things like homebrewing on the web. Hell, that's how I got back into it.

Believe me, I'm not bashing books, I just question the need for it at this point...

Wiki would be a good idea, tho, as long as it points to HBT....

My .02

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