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i have a similar method to above posters. this is one area where you needn't get too fancy, IMHO. just disassemble, soak with some oxyclean or PBW (i like to fill it up a little over half, soak that side, put a 5 gallon bucket over the top and flip it over to soak the other half), rinse it and remember to sanitize before you use it. i've done many kegs this way with no issues.

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Spray it out at the sink with the trigger thingy, short soak of oxi, then rinse 4-5 times clean. All at the kitchen sink.

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My Pump:

My washer:

I have PVC unions on the inlet/outlet of the pump for easy dissasembly. I have a T on the outlet where I have two barbs going into 3/16"s line that then goes into liquid and gas QDs. Works like a charm. I use two old submersible aquarium heaters when I want the water to stay warm.

My method for carboys is just let it run with oxyclean. My method for kegs is to recirc oxyclean through them first. I then get a second bucket and run my pump inlet pipe into that. I run my garden hose into the pump inlet side, and spray fresh water into the inverted keg. Finally, I flip the keg over, seal it up, and attach the liquid and gas QDs. I put a cap on the main outlet, so the flow can only come out through the QDs. I fill a bucket with starsan and force it in through the QDs into the keg. A quick shake, and it's ready for storage. (I wait until I have 4 or 5 dirty kegs and do this all at once...clean all 5, rinse all 5, sanitize all 5).
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Originally Posted by juvinious View Post
I built one of these. It works great.
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Originally Posted by android View Post
i have a similar method to above posters. this is one area where you needn't get too fancy, IMHO. just disassemble, soak with some oxyclean or PBW
+1 I suppose you could fire up your pressure washer and get the job done, but seems to me that a simple soak, rinse and sanitizing regimen is a much easier way to go and works just as well. Perhaps if I were cleaning a huge number of kegs and carboys I would automate the process, but with only a dozen or so in my possession and only a few of those requiring cleaning at a time, I just can't justify doing it any other way.

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I set up one of the submersible pump set ups for the kitchen sink and it's a pain and time waster for a keg or two. I just do the half full with Oxy soak and flip with lid on. Rinse, spray a bit of StarSan in.

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I just have been hosing them out really well and sanitizing them, dip tube and all without taking them apart. That's all I have ever done with my bottles and it's worked just fine for years.

When I got them I did a good oxiclean and I will probably do it again--in a year or so.
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Here is mine. Great flow thru the diptubes! 10 min with PBW, 5 min with an acid rinse, then water rinse. We typically clean 8-10 kegs on brew day.

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I don't think you need all this Oxyclean. Just lots of clean water. Assuming you just killed the keg (ie, it's only had your own clean beer in it and isn't fresh from the LHBS with dried Pepsi in the bottom), it's basically clean to begin with. You need to get any yeast sediment or hops particles out, rinse it out, and re-sanitize.

My approach:

1 - Remove lid and drop in a large bowl of hot water.
2 - Remove OUT post, and drop the post and the poppet into the bowl of hot water to soak.
3 - Remove out tube, run a brush through it and rinse thoroughly with hot water.
4 - Remove IN post and drop in a small bowl of hot water (post and poppet separate).
5 - Pour a half gallon or so of hot water in the keg, swish and drain.
6 - Scrub anything that's not visibly clean with a brush. I always brush the bottom of the keg.
7 - Power rinse the inside of the keg 5-6 times with a garden hose/sprayer.
8 - Add about a quart of Star-San to the empty keg.
9 - Re-lube O-rings, re-assemble keg, and pressurize.
10 - Shake keg to ensure that all surfaces have contacted the Star-san, and drain a small amout of Star-san with a picnic tap (to sanitize the inside of the tube).
11 - Store for hours to months, it's ready to go whenever you need it. If it's still under pressure, you know the seals are good, too.

I wouldn't hesitate to break out the OxyClean or PBW if it needs it, but if the keg was clean, and all it had in it was clean beer, how dirty can it get?


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