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I have not brewed many wheat beers as i do not really care for them but i figured i would change it up tomorrow and brew a Dunkelweizen. This is only my 2nd ever wheat beer and i thought i read somewhere that you should not use Clarifiers such as whirfloc tabs in wheat beers because you want to keep the yeast in suspension, is this true? Any advice would be awesome.


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Mar 2010
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Whirlfloc doesn't affect yeast primarily, it's used to drag proteins out of suspension. I don't think that you aren't supposed to use them, you just don't have to because you expect wheat beers to be cloudy. I probably wouldn't use gelatin, which does take some yeast out of suspension.

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Technically, if you want to go by the Reinheitsgebot, whirlfloc is not allowed in a German beer. Personally, I don't get a "warm fuzzy" from the law, since I view it more as a protectionist measure than a "purity" law.

It's your beer; do what you feel comfortable with.

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There is no reason to use a clarifer in a beer that should be cloudy.
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Chill haze has been linked to stability problems according to JP, so anything that helps get rid of those unwanted proteins is a good idea, even if the beer will still be cloudy.

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I used a Whirlfloc tablet by mistake in a batch of the favorite hefeweizen around here....and it did a great job of clarifying the beer, and the beer also didn't taste right. The next batch, brewed without any finings / clarifying agents, was fine.

(Just reporting, YMMV, not looking for an argument)
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I'm brewing a dunkelweizen today myself, and instead of using whirlfloc, i'm going to just use irish moss. It will get rid of some of the proteins, but doesn't do as good a job (in my experience) as whirlfloc, so the beer should still end up with some haze not due to the yeast. I did this same with a Belgian Witbier some months ago, and it is actually clear when I pour it, so I have to get some of the yeast sediment into the glass to make it cloudy. Not sure if the wyeast 3068 will stay suspended better than the belgian wit yeast.

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