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Aug 2010
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after i have a drink what is the best way to clean the bottles?

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Mar 2010
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Rinse them out with water immediately and you really don't have to wash them after that. If it still has a label on it, then I soak them in oxyclean for a day or two and rinse the labels off under the bath tub faucet.

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Jan 2010
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+3 to ^^^

If you don't rinse them out, the remaining "sludge" drys and then must be scrubbed out with some type of cleaning solution and a bottle brush. That can be time-consuming and a pain in the place you sit on. Keep them clean, and remember to sanitize before using again.


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Sep 2009
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+1 on the immediate rinse. I fill them two or three times and shake out the water. Then I soak them in Oxyclean in the kitchen sink for about a half hour or so, and the labels usually come off. Sierra Nevada labels have a gooey glue that rubs right off, but sometimes I see a film left behind. I take a Scotchbrite pad and scrub it a little in Oxyclean or dish soap to get it off. I like to do a thorough job the first time, then I know it's clean.
After that, when I pour a home brew I just rinse them. When I have a counter-full )about 80-10 bottles), I do an Oxyclean wash and leave in the dish rack or bottle drier for a couple of days. When they are dry, I cover each bottle with a 3"x 3" (roughly - I eyeball it) piece of aluminum foil and store them in the basement. They are ready for sanitizing right before I bottle.
Sanitizing is easy if you have a dishwasher that has a hot-dry cycle. I checked mine and it gets to over 170F for fifteen minutes. That is hot enough to sanitize. I stack all the bottles I need in the dishwasher and run it without any soap. Then I just bottle sitting next to it, pulling each bottle out as I fill it. Easy. Takes me an hour or less to bottle and clean up.
For me, I see dealing with bottles a once or twice weekly chore. It doesn't take long as long as you do it often. I don't see myself going to kegs. I think having beer on tap in my house could be a dangerous thing.
Mmm, beer.

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Aug 2009
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For the most part an immediate rinse is all that is needed but it does not clean the bottle and over time you will notice a film on the inside of the bottles.

I store my clean ones upside down in milk crates which eliminates the time and expense of covering the tops.
When its time to bottle, a quick squirt with the vinator and upside down a dishrack, then bottle.

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Jul 2010
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Pretty much same thing as everyone. If it's an old cruddy bottle, oxiclean soak inside and out. If it's freshly poured, rinse well immediately and store well until bottling day.

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Sep 2009
SIDNEY, ohio
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I hate the oxiclean residue!! If I leave the bottles in for more than a couple of hours it is a pain in the ass to get the film off of it. I did however discover ( maybe on here) that after a soak in OXI, a soak in starsan completely removes the film. So I mix up a bucket of each and do a bucket full at a time. no scrubbing at all to get lables off of 99% of the new bottles....and the old ones I have used are just rinsed and stored.
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