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In the past when I wanted to brew recipe out of Brewing Classic Styles, I would simply go to the All Grain Option, double the Malt bill, double the specialty grains and hops, and brew it. I have had no complaints, until now. I am preparing to brew the "Rogue Flamande" today on page 220. What I have come up, by simply doubling everything is 10.50 lbs Pilsner, 10.50 lbs Vienna, 1 lb Wheat, 2 lbs Munich, 1 lb Aromatic, 1 lb CaraMunich, and 1 lb Special B. That gives me (Using Beer Smith) an SRM of 27, when I want to be at 13. What gives? Also, the percentages are way off then what Jamil uses for the Extract version of the recipe. Only reason I am being so Anal about this recipe is that I have been looking foreward to brewing a Sour now for at least 4 years, if not more. Well, today's the day. I'll be letting it age with an Oak Bung for 12-18 Months, and I really want to get the recipe right. So, a little help please

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Don't worry about the % compared to extract, they are off since you are not subbing 1lb of grain per 1lb of extract. The percentages are useless for all grain.

For the color, I will ask the obvious question: Do you have the volume set for 12 gallons post boil? Second, double check the SRM of the specialty malts.

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Sorry, but the title is waaaaay confusing.

I thought you were brewing something that was out of bounds of accepted styles.......

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Being that you doubled everything and 27 is about double 13, I'm thinking something isn't set right in your software.
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I put that grain bill into both Promash and Beersmith.
For a 12g batch, Promash gave me an estimated SRM of 12.2, and Beersmith gave me an SRM of 14.8.
Are you sure, you have the color units set to SRM and not EBC?


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