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Nov 2008
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So its been a very busy summer and unfortunately I have a Cream Ale from Northern Brewer that has been in primary since May. I haven't tasted it yet and I know its a horrible tragedy but my question is:

Should I rack to secondary and give it time to clean up from sitting on the yeast cake for so long, or just rack to keg and see how it turns out?

Thanks for any suggestions! (I've been a long time lurker and am going to try to start being more active!)

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Sep 2007
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I just racked a brew I had sitting in primary since early June and the only reason I racked it is to put it on some fruit. I was in the same boat; too busy. I think it will be fine. You can rack it if you want and taste some along the way, but it should be plenty clear by now.

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Nov 2008
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Ya it is plenty clear... I just wasn't sure if a secondary would get rid of any off-flavors I have created from it sitting on the yeast for so long. Or if I should just go to keg and not worry about any potential "off-flavors"!

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keg it, crash it, charge it, drink it

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Mar 2009
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I just racked a batch to a keg that had been on the yeast for 7 months. Not a problem at all.
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first things first: If you haven't tasted it how could you possibly know there is anything wrong with it?

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It is now accepted that yeast work longer than the 'week' thought earlier and many leave it in the primary at least a month for that reason. You gain nothing by going to secondary unless you disturb the yeast cake in a major way and need to resettle it again. But, hey, it will do that in the keg any way.

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Mar 2010
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This thread's title made made laugh, only because I had made and consumed 2 batch of Northern Brewers's Cream Ale in a 4 month period. Granted I bought the ingredients from Brewmaster's Warehouse...
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I know one thing... if there's a depression and beer companies go out of business... I'm selling my homebrew.
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Mar 2011
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So are you saying that racking to a secondary is unnecessary?

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Dec 2010
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That is exactly what we are saying. Unless you are adding fruit, or some other strange technique, secondary is unnecessary unless planning on 6+ months of aging.

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