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Nov 2010
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Originally Posted by Windigstadt View Post
One point the economist in me has to make: I don't see the need to support an outdated business model simply because the people running it are nice. A brick-and-mortar store has inherent limitations (mainly a higher overhead cost and a smaller customer base which means a smaller selection) that an online shop doesn't. That being said, a brick-and-mortar store can also have advantages over an online store (no shipping time or cost; personal interaction; fresher product, especially when it comes to yeast). It's up to the owner to maximize the advantages that make it worthwhile. If those advantages don't justify the added cost for you, then there's nothing to feel bad about.
well stated, and I couldn't agree more.

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Sep 2011
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Wired Ranco controller $129.95
Reconditioned 5 gallon corny $99.99
2 row for $1.60 (not awful)
Wyeast 1056 for $7.75

Does this sound like a company that wants my business? They are very popular and they don't miss my business. I still fill my CO2 and buy an emergency hydrometer there, but my ingredients are always ordered, especially hops. I just plan ahead.
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My 2 LHBS's are about 40 and 50 minutes away unless a traffic jam. So the gas it takes to get there is probably more than shipping charges.

They are both only open late afternoon Wed thru Fri and one is open Saturday and one is open both Saturday and half of Sunday.

It is hard for me to get there when they are open so I do a lot of online shopping.

Their prices are also high. The only thing I really go to them for is bulk grain. I plan to get in on a bulk buy when I can afford and arrange my pickup.

So I would like to shop locally more but it really doesn't make sense for me.

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Dec 2010
garland, tx
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I have 2 LHBS in my area. The closer one is overpriced. At $3 an ounce on hops (all kinds), a pretty decent IPA is cost prohibitive to brew. The other shop is great on prices, but close to a 50 mile round trip, and when traffic is bad, it's BAD.

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Mar 2011
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I have no problem supporting my LHBS ... It's minutes away from my house ... It also happens to be the Morebeer Los Altos showroom ... I'm spoiled

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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by dutchoven View Post
I have no problem supporting my LHBS ... It's minutes away from my house ... It also happens to be the Morebeer Los Altos showroom ... I'm spoiled
I also hit up the morebeer in concord for my bulk grain and specialty grains and what not. In the course of a month i usually visit three or four LBHS in the Bay Area. Living and commuting in CA has its upside.
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May 2009
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My LHBS is awesome. Great prices and nice people. Most hops are $2 for 2oz. They do "virtual bags" of grain. You buy the bag and they create a ledger for you. When you get grains they just subtract it from your spreadsheet. I paid $29 for my 50lb bag of US Pale. Can do some cheap batches at those prices.
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Mar 2012
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I have a LHBS less than 10 miles from my house.
I get everything online. The local shop is expensive and the few times I have gone in I get the "we can order it for you." line.

I can order it, at midnight, on a sunday, cheaper and have it in 3-4 days instead of 2 weeks when they make the regular order.

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Nov 2011
Boston, MA
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LHBS near me allows me to measure and crush my grain. Getting it a few dollars more expensive is definitely worth it.
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Feb 2012
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On the last visit to my LHBS I was getting supplies and I ran a recipe by him and told him what i needed. After about 1 minute he looked at me an told me 'I have all this stuff to send out so what can I get you?'
1st I had already told him
2nd it seemed he preferred dealing online....
This had happened the time before aswell
I was spend around €50 each time
Now I look on line to see if prices are cheaper but I pass the store once a week so it's easier to call in but he needs to change is attitude very soon or I'll stop buying there
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