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Drowsy Duck
Bryan Maloney
Style: 15B Robust Porter
Recipe Type: Full Mash

6.75 lbs Pale Ale Maris Otter, Hugh Baird
12 oz Caramel Malt 30L 2-Row, Breiss
2.25 lbs Brown Malt, Hugh Baird
1.5 lbs Brown Sugar, Dark
Typical OG 1.057
Typical FG 1.014

Goldings 4.5 HBU, 120 minutes
Goldings 4.5 HBU, 80 minutes
Goldings 4.5 HBU, 40 minutes

Wyeast #1098 British Ale

Treat water to eliminate chlorine. Adjust ions to your favorite London ionic profile. Adjust pH to around 6.0.

Bring 2.5 gal water to 173F and add malts. Bring to 153F if needed, and stir thoroughly. Stir every 15 minutes and adjust temperature back to 153F every 30 minutes. At 2 hours, bring to 170F and hold 10 minutes. If this seems crazed, I apologize, but I kettle mash.

Sparge with 6 gal pH 5.7, 170F water. Dissolve brown sugar in wort and add first hops, boil 40 minutes. Add second hops and boil another 40 min. Add third hops and boil 40 more min.

Chill and rack to settling tun. Allow to settle overnight and rack wort off trub into primary. Reserve 4 2/3 cups (check OG and adjust volume if needed) priming wort and freeze. Pitch yeast starter. Ferment at 65-68F. Transfer to secondary settle yeast. Prime with priming wort (or 2 oz corn sugar). Bottle and age at very least 6 weeks.

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