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Aug 2010
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Hi Homebrewtalk,
I am a beginner. I made a great coopers English Bitter, got a Austin Homebrew southern brown going good so far. I'm ready to experiment now but I'm not sure I understand yet. I read several recipies and chaged them around. I like most all beer but love most brown ales. Does this recipie ingredients make sense or should I hit the books more?...

4lb of unhopped Munich (Dark Briess malted barley liquid extract)
2lb of unhopped light (liquid extract)


1/4lb WeyermannŽ CaraMunich III
(Results in increased fullness, heightened malt aroma, full, round flavor and deep, saturated color.)

1/4lb Briess Crystal Malt
(Produces Caramel, Slight Burnt Sugar, Raisiny flavors.)

1/4lb Muntons Crystal Malt 60L - 1 oz
(impart its distinctive 'nutty' flavor and as a general enriching agent in beers.)

1/4lb Dingemans Special
(heavy caramel taste and is often credited with the raisin-like flavors dark fuller body)

Sugar etc..
1lbs corn sugar
1/2lb malto Dextin
1/2lb Lactos Sugar

Hops (not a big hop person that I know of yet)
1 oz fuggle
1 oz Kent Holding

Some kinda ale yeast

Shooting for an easy to drink dark slightly sweet mid body ale but I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm one of those people that has to touch a hot stove a few times.

Anything sound wrong? Would you make it?


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You're close to Treacle Treat, just lacking the molasses. Generally browns aren't hoppy beers. I wouldn't add the maltodextrin or lactose, or at least wait until the fermentation is done and decide if you want the extra body and sweetness.

You could use London Ale yeast or Nottingham.

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Feb 2010
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Yeah. I might give that a shot. D42's probably righ ton the maltodextrin and lactose. Wouldn't need to put those unless you felt the pre-bottled beer needed an adjustment.

I had a pale ale that fermented out too dry and light in body. I boiled up some maltodextrin with my priming sugar and added to the bottling bucket right at bottling time. It seemed to correct it just fine at that point. Plus, I was bale to get an accurate FG without having to account for the maltodextrin. I mean, you could do the math. But math is hard.
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I personally like maltodextrin and use it in a lot of different styles. It adds a nice body without the sweetness. I wouldn't do the lactose on a brown though. Nottingham would be a good dry yeast.

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Corn Sugar is used to thin beers without leaving any taste behind.
Maltodextrin is used to thicken beers without leaving any taste behind.

See why people are telling you not to use it?

I would personally just leave all those sugars, etc. out and it seems like a good brown. I would use an english yeast, S04 would be my dry yeast choice.

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