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Jul 2010
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Just got my refractometer in the mail. Just wanted to get the proceedure down so i get proper measurements and properly care for it.
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Assuming its an auto temp calibrated model...

Calibrate to 0.0 brix/plato with distilled or RO water that is roughly the same temperature as the wort sample. That's the ATC part of it...the calibration solution needs to be the same temp as the 'live sample' since large differences will skew the sample reading. Luckily you only need like 3 drops of wort, which is EASY to cool to 70F.

Always take a reading under strong light. I go right underneath a lightbulb for mine.
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Jun 2009
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I have been thinking i really want a refractometer... Are they really as cool as I'm dreaming they are?

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I love mine. I picked one up from AHS which has OG on it. So it saves me doing the quick calculation from Brix each time I use it.

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Jan 2009
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Refractometers are simple. Calibrate to the directions, add 3 drops of liquid (wort or must) and read under light source. I got the BRIX and specific gravity model.

Hydrometer is a just in case tool now.


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Mar 2009
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I love my refractometer! They are as cool as you imagine
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Jan 2010
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I love mine, it makes getting a pre-boil gravity ready a breeze. I haven't missed hitting my gravity since I started using it. But get the one that has the gravity readings. Mine just has the brix readings and I have to reference a convertion chart every time I use it.
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Jul 2010
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Set it on stun and watch the perimeter for romulans.

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Jan 2010
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I've used my refractometer for one brew (just got it last week). I do not know how, or why, I brewed without one of these before. Makes everything sooooo much easier.
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I use a refractometer for my reef tank, but we are measuring sugars in the wort here and not salt. How does this affect the reading?
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