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Jun 2010
New York City, New York
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Ok. I've been doing a lot of posting and asking a lot of questions and I think as a general matter it comes down to this ... With the exception of some things, there is not right or wrong answer; it's just a matter of style.

With that having been said, what are the universal truths to brewing? What are those things in brewing that are NOT merely a matter of style but rather a matter of truth. In other words, what are the brewing commandments?

I'll start off with an easy one. Commandment 1: thou shall keep a sanitized carboy.

What are some others?

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Mar 2009
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#2 Homebrew is an art and science, learn the science, practice the art, think, learn, create, share, and enjoy.

#3 DONT be a Brewdouche.

You knuckleheadz are my kinda smacktardZ
#3 DONT be a Brewdouche.
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Jun 2009
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#4 thou shalt not count airlock bubbles
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Aug 2009
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#2 (since the above #2 wasn't actually #2 unless the post was to place hold, then this is #5)
Thought shall wait 72 hours before worrying about your fementation.

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Jul 2009
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don't take a recipe as gospel

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Jul 2009
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Never Trust your boil kettle to never boil over!

When making beer, Its best to be drinking beer also!

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May 2010
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Don't fear the foam
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Jul 2009
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Temperature control is everything.
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

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Special Hops
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Aug 2010
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Cleaning and sterilizing are two different things... you need to do both.

Thou shalt keep a beer journal.

Relax Don't Worry, Have a Home Brew (worth posting again)

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