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Aug 2009
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Not new to brewing, but new to dry hopping.

I had in the past used tabs to attempt to dry hop some brews, with limited success and in an attempt to make it a little cheaper. But as they failed I've now just properly dry hopped (1oz of cent tabs on Wednsday) my first batch.

I was planning on Dry hopping for 2 weeks, but I have been reading up on it and there seems alot of negative comments about "grassy" flavours that may appear if you hop more than 1 week, some even advise 4 days, others are suggesting months.

What would you recommend?

Little more info:
5 gallon batch, IPA/APA style, 2 weeks in Primary before hop addition, hops are in the primary now, no secondary used. Had a 10 minute additon on boil, nothing on flame out.

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I dryhop for 7 days.....and I've been happy with the results.

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Brewing Clamper
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I used to dry hop for two weeks but every now and then I would get a grassy taste in the beer. After switching to one week, I get all the flavor and no grass... [\2ȼ]

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Aug 2010
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I dry hopped once and it was for just under two weeks. Every now and again I think I taste a slight grassy taste to the beer, but it is by no means overpowering or very obvious. Doing it again I would probably dry hop for a week.

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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I've gone for a week in the past with good results.
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Zyme Lord
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I've only dry hopped two of my beers now, but both of them were dry hopped for 1 week after 2-3 weeks in the primary. I racked both to a secondary before adding hops, but I hear of great results adding directly to primary too.

Either way, 1 week should be plenty. How much did you add and of what variety of hops?
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Taste the beer every couple of days or so. When you like the taste, take it off of the hops.

Dry hop time is very different from brewer to brewer. Some (Russian River) like dry hop times up to 12 days. Others (Firestone Walker), keep dry hop times around 5-7 days.

Personally, I've like the beers that I've dry hopped 12-14 days. Give it a try and figure out what works for you.

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wonder if hop freshness has anything to do with it. The LHBS hops never do that for me at 2 weeks, but my garden hops will some times if I over do it.

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7-10 days IMHO.

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May 2010
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On my current batch, a six-gallon, I tossed 4 ounces of hops into the fermenter Sunday evening. On Tuesday evening, I took a gravity and taste sample, and the beer already has a nice fresh hoppy nose to it. FWIW

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